Walls Ditch Digger Double Knee Pants

When it comes to work pants, the Ditch Digger Double Knee Pants from Walls get the job done. But, they can serve double-duty as rugged outdoor pants too. Yes, they are durable pants for during the week if your “office” has heavy equipment, or requires hard labor. They’re also a great choice for cooler weather exploring.

I got a pair as I was finishing our home remodel. That included flooring, electrical, and landscaping. Then we sold our home, packed up, and moved to our new home. In and out of trucks, trailers, and our dusty storage unit. Up and down stairs. Then a bit of patching and painting. I spent more time on a scaffold then off during that first week. Decorative mulch went on sale, so I picked up a dozen bags. Of course, it was raining when I got home. And the garage was full of boxes. So I spread it along our yard’s border in the rain. With these pants and a waterproof shell, I stayed dry. None of this would have been as comfortable in a pair of jeans.

Walls Ditch Digger Double Knee Pants in Bark Brown
Walls Ditch Digger Double Knee Pants in Bark Brown


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First, they’re made with water repellent 11oz. brushed duck cotton. The actual content is 98% cotton and 2% Spandex for a bit of stretch. Add to that a generous cut for a relaxed fit, plus Walls’ Smooth Move™Waistband.  For ease of movement, they’ve got a gusseted crotch and articulated knees. A little extra wear resistance is provided by the reinforced kick plate at back leg hem. Of course, there’s a handy cell phone pocket on the leg too. They might look like work pants, but they’re less restrictive than a casual pair of jeans.


Walls Ditch Digger Double Knee Pants in Graphite
Walls Ditch Digger Double Knee Pants in Graphite

Working and playing

I’ve torn a pair of shorts climbing into the back of a truck to unload it. But thanks to the crotch gusset, I can step as high as I need to with the Ditch Diggers. And the articulated knees make it much easier to crawl around, without hurting my knees any more than usual. So I got the idea to wear them on a winter hike. There are a few spots where I can usually get a decent moose photo, or at least a few mule deer. Two of those spots require climbing over low fences in ice and snow. From there, it’s a short hike either up or downhill. Other than some very stretchy jeans I previously tested, nothing comes close to these pants. But they are also warmer, waterproof, and wear better than denim.

Walls Ditch Digger Double Knee Pants in Pecan
Walls Ditch Digger Double Knee Pants in Pecan

The verdict

I appreciate a good value. And Walls is all about value. With the MSRP of $42.99 on these pants, they can’t be beat. They’re tough enough for factory work, or weekend shade-tree mechanics. And if you’re looking for rugged outdoor pants, they’ll fit the bill there too, because they lack the fancy label that costs a bit (or a lot) extra. If I had one gripe, it’s that the colors are limited. Right now, they come in Bark Brown, Graphite, or Pecan. If they offered them in black, tan, or blue, I’d wear them everywhere in the winter, including the office. Check them out at Walls.com.

A special thanks to Walls for providing their Ditch Digger Double Knee Pants for this review. Whether you work outdoors, play outdoors, or work so you can play outdoors, they’re a solid choice.



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