What the hell is wrong with people these days?

I’m really upset. A BikeForums member from Philadelphia just passed along this story.

Tykeem Law just became Philadelphia’s 218th murder victim this year. He was only 14. He was out riding his bike with some friends, and apparently a motorist thought they weren’t moving fast enough, and started honking at them. The rest of his friends pulled over to let the car pass, but Tykeem didn‘t, so the car pulled over and some gutless punk shot him dead.

The driver took off, but karma quickly caught up with him. He got into an accident not very far away, which was witnessed by an off-duty police officer. Charles Meyers and his two passengers were arrested, and Charles was charged with with murder, possession of an instrument of crime and gun violations. His two passengers were released.

What kind of environment produces someone that will kill another human being over something like this? Senseless doesn’t even begin to describe it. This kid was riding his bike with friends, and gets killed for what? For not letting a motorist pass? And now that loser is going to spend the rest of his life in jail, at our expense. Still, I hope he gets the harshest sentence possible.

My heart goes out to Tykeem’s family.

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