Will Paris ride a bike?

I really don’t care if Paris Hilton goes to jail or not. But I see a great marketing opportunity for one of the big brands that just came out with the cruisers or coasting bikes.

Trek, Giant, Raleigh, or Electra should really offer her a bike right about now. She’s lost her license, and I doubt that Britney Spears is going to want to drive her everywhere. Maybe Raleigh could send over a tandem, so Paris and Nicole Richie can go clubbing.

They don’t need some high-end Campagnolo-equipped ride. Something with a Shimano Nexus would do fine. And to top it off, maybe we would get a break from the soap opera surrounding Anna Nicole Smith.

So I’ll be back to normal posting tomorrow.

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Maybe she can go hang with Councilor Ford up in Toronto…


Shimano Nexus?? Don’t even whisper such a suggestion! It would be sooo embarassing for us Nexus afficinados, especially the females.

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