Which Will It Be – Runnur Or Quivver?

Remember the good ol‘ days when you could walk around, proudly sporting your new neon yellow and pink fanny pack? The days when you wouldn‘t have to be concerned about someone pointing and giggling or whispering about how ridiculous you looked.

“Oh my gawd, Beckie, look at her… Stupid purse and why is it strapped to her waist like that?!”

“But it‘s so convenient!” You protest.


*Someone Sneezes* “Oh, Bless you! What‘s that? Oh, you need a tissue? Hellz yeah I have some tissues! Let me just reach here into my fanny pack, WAH BAM! Got you a tissue!”

As convenient as they are, fanny packs are just simply not fashionable anymore. Lucky for you, home slice, a couple of brilliant companies have found a solution! Never again will you be mocked for trying to keep your hands free for activities!

Ladies, I know you will agree with me here, something that really gets annoying is the pockets that come in women‘s jeans. They are small and generally won‘t even hold my whole phone. It‘s usually sticking half out of my pocket. The biggest problem I have with them is when I treat myself for a nice cruise on my motorcycle, I need to bring my phone and credit cards without having to worry about my phone falling out of my pocket, landing in the road and getting run over.


Thankfully I was given the opportunity to try out both the Runnur (from gorunnur.com) and the Quivver (from quivvers.com).  Although they are both made from durable nylon there are notable differences between the two. The Runnur is packed full of pockets. It has a pouch for your ID, cash/credit cards, phone, camera or wallet, glasses, snacks and even a secret pocket to stash your passport! Along with its ability to hold all of that it has a bottle pouch (up to 20oz) and a carabiner clip for your keys. It‘s a little bulky for me but it looks great on my best guy friend. His favorite thing about it is that he has all of his stuff with him without having to explain to everyone that he‘s not carrying around a purse, it‘s a satchel! Now he is complimented on it and he can keep his hands available for climbing or holding onto bicycle handles.

I love the Quivver, it‘s more for me simply because it‘s minimal. It’s been covered before on this site, but as a refresher, it has 2 pockets, a small one and a larger one. Both have a zipper to open and close, and the larger one has a see-through pocket.  It‘s not bulky at all and looks quite nice draped over my shoulder when I‘m out and about. I was able to easily fit my car keys and phone along with my debit card and cash into it. It also has a triangular link at the bottom and comes with a cool S-Biner to hook on a water bottle or camera. Even better, it‘s water-resistant and adjustable! So even if I want to wear it as a fanny pack, that‘s totally an option!

They both come in different colors and sizes; the Runnur is available in 6 colors and I can‘t even count how many colors and patterns Quivvers offers, but they both come in pink and that‘s what‘s important to me! They were both great and really fun to use. Now It‘s really just a matter of deciding at this point, which one is better for you?

Check ‘˜em both out and decide for yourself! You can find the Runner at gorunnur.com and the Quivver at www.quivvers.com.


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Runnur free from Runnur, and the Quivver free from Quivver, in consideration for review publication

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