Win some, lose some

Google Alerts provided me with an article about a community chipping in to help 74 year old Moses Mathis fund a permanent building for Bicycle Man, which is his non-profit bicycle refurbishing charity.  Moses and his volunteers spend all year repairing used bicycles, so that they can give away up to 1,000 of them at Christmas.

This is exactly the kind of story I like to read. Here’s a guy that’s been doing good and promoting cycling for at least 20 years, putting in his time and then giving away the fruits of his labor. Sadly, the turnout was a bit weak. Still, it’s nice to see the community involvement.

Then BAM! To the right of the article, the FayObserver has their site’s most popular stories, and the most popular local stories. Topping both lists was an article about a home invasion robbery gone terribly wrong, with an innocent 23 year old woman being shot and wounded, and her dog shot and killed as well. Hard to believe this could be the same Fayetteville, North Carolina. Even worse, I was already aware of this story, as the victim is a friend of Mrs. Outsider.

I can only hope that Moses is able to get a permanent home for his charity, and that Lindsay recovers quickly. Her unidentified assailants are still at large, but let’s all hope that they can be caught and brought to justice.

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