With Baggallini, You Can Have It All

Ladies, the Have It All by Baggallini, is everything you want in a tote, everything you dreamed you could want in a tote, and more! It‘s the solution to your everyday carry needs. Whether you‘re packing for work and the gym or a weekend away, this bag provides some serious storage options.

The bag concept was birthed by a flight attendant who was always looking for the right bag to keep her life organized while on the go. After getting tired of the search, she decided to create her own. Twenty years later, Baggallini is the go-to bag for all of life‘s journeys.

Baggallini Have It All
Baggallini Have It All

On first glance, the Have It All looks a bit like most shoulder bags. However, on closer inspection it is so much more. Exterior pockets galore! There are two large side pockets that are wide, deep, and with a flat bottom. I found these exceptional places to keep a large water bottle (Nalgene) coffee mug, gym clothes, magazines, books, Tupperware, and/or piles of snacks for easy access. I love that there is a cinch on both of these pockets to secure the contents. They can also be cinched if the pockets are empty, to decrease the overall size of the bag. A big pet peeve of mine in shoulder bags is the lack of ways to secure pockets.

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Not only does this bag have the two cinch pockets, but it also has front and rear pockets with metal closures. The front one is perfect for a paperback book, a few snacks, or a tablet. Inside this pocket, there is an additional pocket for your smartphone or keys. Again, they‘ve given easy, yet secure access to all of our important things. The rear pocket has a magnetic closure at the top and a zipper on the bottom. A zipper on the bottom? Yep! Remember, this brand was created by a flight attendant who always had a suitcase to roll around the airport. The bottom unzips so this pocket converts into a sleeve to slip the luggage handle through, which keeps the bag attached and accessible.

Baggallini Have It All
Top View

There‘s one more little surprise on the outside. The decorative straps on the front actually unsnap, creating the perfect carrying spot for your yoga mat. I‘ve found this to be an amazing feature because it keeps the mat neatly rolled while I‘m juggling a thousand other things while trying to walk into the yoga studio. Love the feature, but I‘m not wild about the ‘˜bling‘ appearance of the snaps. I‘d prefer a slightly subtler look.

Another of my pet peeves about shoulder bags is the general lack of interior organizational options. The Baggallini Have It All just about has it all. There are two white mesh shoe pockets. What an amazing concept! I always carried my gym shoes or put them in a separate bag. Not anymore. Have It All was a great solution to eliminating the need for yet another bag. There are also two white mesh ‘˜this & that‘ pockets and a deep zippered pocket for the valuables. The one thing missing is a clip for my keys so they don‘t fall to the bottom of the pocket.

Baggallini Have It All
This all fit inside

The main compartment has a nice long zipper closure to ensure all books, computers, and small dogs (just kidding), stay put when moving from activity to activity. As I‘m apparently a fan of organization, the flat but not overly rigid bottom is amazing for neatly stacking food containers.

Overall, this bag is extremely sizeable (18.5″ x 14.5″ x 6″  DxWxH). It can fit just about everything a hard working woman could need for a day at the office (or the beach). The bag is made of a lightweight water and abrasion-resistant nylon so it is durable to most situations.

I know when I walk out the door on a Monday morning I look like a crazy bag lady. I typically have my work bag, run and/or swim bag, yoga bag, clothes for work bag, and food bag. The price tag of $108 is more than worth the consolidation effects. I love this bag so much I‘ve affectionately begun calling my Have It All, my “mullet bag”: business on the outside, party on the inside (except much better looking)!

– Carley

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Baggallini Have It All bag for free from Baggallini, in consideration for review publication. 

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