Wolf Tooth Launches New CAMO™Chainrings

Wolf Tooth Components, LLC of Savage, Minnesota USA has officially released CAMO™. An exciting new chainring and spider system. CAMO™, or Chainline And Material Optimization, is a configurable direct mount spider and chainring system designed with the looks and weight of one piece direct mount chainrings. Plus it has the added advantages that come with bolt on chainrings.

Wolf Tooth CAMO™Chainring

The CAMO™advantages include:

  • We all want a perfect chain line, and now you get one. This is done by offering many spider offsets. Now you can select the optimal chain line to reduce wear and improve shifting precision.

  • Optimal material usage. Maybe you want to choose aluminum for lightweight performance, or stainless steel for ultimate durability. Stainless steel with Aluminum spider is 50% lighter than a solid stainless direct mount ring. The choice is up to you.

  • We know price matters. The best in class Drop-Stop® chainring starts at just $45. Full systems and spider+ring are within a few dollars of our one piece direct mount chainrings.

  • Quick ring swaps. Swap out a different sized ring in seconds with a T25 wrench and 5 small bolts. Another reason why you need this setup.

  • A wide application coverage. First choose from a round or oval chainring setup. Then decide if you want stainless steel or aluminum. No matter the crankset or chain line needs, Wolf Tooth is the one-stop-shop for your direct mount needs.

  • Want some bike bling? They offer several spider colors and bolt colors to add a little flash to your sweet ride. All spiders will be shipped with anodized bolt to match. Black spiders will come with black bolts, blue spiders with blue bolts, etc.

Wolf Tooth CAMO™Chainring
Wolf Tooth CAMO™Chainring

When asked why they pursued a spider based system, Wolf Tooth had us take a look back at the last few years of de-standardization in our industry.

  • Hub spacing was almost standard at 135/142mm. Then along came boost 148mm, boost 148mm for plus bikes , and now we see some hubs in  150/157mm. This was all while cramming more cogs into wider range and a wider cassette, making chain line even more critical.

  • Fat bikes came along and went from 135 offset to 170/177 to 190/197. Not to mention all the different spindle lengths and tire clearance needs along the way.

  • 104 BCD was really common, but then came direct mount cranksets. The new super cool type of cranksets that allow chainrings or spiders to be mounted directly to the crank arm. These have become the standard more than the exception. Even with great options from many different companies, all of them seem to use a different mounting interface.

  • The Wolf Tooth Elliptical Drop-Stop® rings with their great advantages of enhanced traction and acceleration continue to gain popularity.

  • Because 1x drivetrains put all of the strain on one chainring about the size of the “middle ring” of a triple crank, riders in tougher environments are looking for chainrings made out of extremely durable materials. This is where the 416 hardened stainless chainrings shine.

Wolf Tooth CAMO™Chainring
Wolf Tooth CAMO™Chainring

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CAMO™is Wolf Tooth‘s answer to meeting all the customer demands. They did this by moving away from bicycle standards. When a customer comes and asks for a stainless steel 30t chainring for their crankset, Wolf Tooth and their dealers can now say “yes, we have you covered!”

So now their great network of dealers and distributors can now easily stock what customers want. As a result, by stocking 5 spiders and 9 chainrings, they can cover 85% of direct mount customer needs. This is opposed to 45 different chainrings! Ouch!

CAMO™is available now with rings starting at $44.95 and spiders at $27.95. Check out http://www.wolftoothcomponents.com/collections/camo for additional details on availablilty, compatibility, and where you can find this amazing product at a store near you.

As a side note, they will not be discontinuing their current aluminum direct mount chainrings as a result for those riders that still prefer the one piece design.

Wolf Tooth is recognized as an industry leader in bicycle components and accessories combining innovative designs, made in USA quality, and best in class performance.


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