Boker Plus Exskelibur I Carbon

With the Boker Plus Exskelibur I Carbon, Boker takes it up another notch. The Exskelibur was already popular, and I have seen many versions, but none as sexy as this. They really went out of their way to make a lightweight knife with premium materials. And it’s at home in the pocket of a gentleman, as well as an outdoorsman. Or a mix of both.

Boker starts with CPM-S35VN steel for the blade. This has been described as “the best knife steel available”. To some, ease of sharpening is most important. Others want the sharpest blade, period. And we all want a knife that holds an edge well. The Exskelibur I Carbon does it all. Do a search, and you will find that this steel is some of the best you can buy. It resists wear and chips, and can be honed to a razor’s edge.

Boker Plus Exskelibur I Carbon
Boker Plus Exskelibur I Carbon

What do you pair that 3.5 inch long, 0.1 inch thick blade with? Boker gave it a thin carbon fiber scale on one side, with a titanium framelock liner on the other side. The result is a knife that measures 8 inches overall, and weighs just 2.6 ounces. A blue, reversible clip adds very little weight, but makes it easy to carry, tip up or down.

Boker Plus Exskelibur I Carbon
Boker Plus Exskelibur I Carbon

This knife has a lot of visual appeal. From the weave of the carbon, to the stain finish of the blade, to the flat titanium, it all looks great. There is some fine jimping on the blade that provides grip, but also makes it easy to open with one hand. The designers, Mike Skellern and Fred Burger, clearly spent a lot of time making the Exskelibur I Carbon look as good as it performs. And since performance is what really counts, let me get to that.

For me, the balance is near perfect. I can flick it open with one hand, and it feels just a little heavy on the blade end. The first thing I cut with it was actually a grilled steak, for tacos. It was like surgery on a steak. As I made strip after strip of thin sliced beef, I realized this was a blade I was going to like using. Then I cut up some veggies. Same smooth slices, better than any kitchen knife I have used. Yes, it became my EDC (every day carry) after just one use. Since then, I have used it for every knife chore I could think of over the last three weeks. And it has not let me down. A sure sign of a good knife is when you find yourself looking for things to open or slice.

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I can carry this knife at work (in an office), and no one feels threatened. But every other guy wants to check it out. And I have more than enough faith that it will hold up to every task I take on with it outdoors as well. If there is one flaw with the Exskelibur I Carbon, it’s that the MSRP of $199.95 is not for everyone. But that’s okay too. This is not a knife for everyone. It’s for someone that wants the very best in design and materials. With a blade that is sharp, and stays sharp. If you get the Boker Exskelibur I Carbon, it will not disappoint you. Check out the Boker website for more info.

– Brian

As always, I’d like to thank Boker for providing the opportunity to try out their outstanding products. The Exskelibur I Carbon they provided for this review was one of the finest knives I have had the pleasure of carrying and using.


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