Wrapping up 2020 and kicking it to the curb

The last few weeks have been super busy, and I got behind on publishing articles. And let’s face it, this whole year has been a challenge. But there is no way I’m going to let 2020 end without expressing some gratitude. Because despite the fact that this site has returned to being a one-man-show, it wouldn’t exist without the help of people who actually work in the industry.

Before I get to them, I want to thank any and all of the people who have stopped by to read what I’ve written. Without visitors, there would be no need for this site to exist. Over the years, it has changed quite a bit, but I’ve always been driven to share cool stuff with my viewers. So hopefully you’ve enjoyed whatever I shared. By the way, Google Analytics tells me you like Ruger. A lot. So look for that to continue in 2021.

Did you know I did eight different chassis projects in 2020?

One of the coolest builds I did this year would not have been possible without Karl, from Crazy Ivan. He doesn’t just make great chassis’ and accessories, he’s a competitive shooter too. And a designer/tinkerer. Like many of the people I’m about to name, he’s also one of the most down-to-earth enthusiasts you’ll encounter. Plus he’s dedicated to customer service. Send him an email, and you can expect a quick and detailed response. We’re lucky to have someone like him in this industry.

I could say all the same things about Dwayne, from PMACA. He’s also helped me with some projects, including my rifle and Charger Takedown chassis builds. And answered emails at odd hours. Joseph, from Enoch Industries likewise hooked me up, and was supportive of my alternate Charger. Putting a heavy barrel in a light chassis wasn’t what I planned, but it worked. Then that barrel found a new home in a Midwest Industries chassis. Which ended up being used for my AR-themed Charger, and then rifle.

I needed a few barrels to go with those chassis’

Louis, from WhistlePig GunBarrelCo. put up with a lot of questions, and a last-minute order change. **Note that WhistlePig is now known as Acculite22.com.** If anyone’s wondering, I paid full price for all three of my barrels. Worth every penny too. My neighbor Matt, from Summit Precision, helped me get my Enoch Industries project back on track with a sweet custom carbon fiber Charger barrel. Plus another for review. He should be filling backorders soon, so jump on that. Another friend/neighbor, Mark, from Barrelthreading.com, contributed to a few projects as well. And I can’t forget the folks at Adaptive Tactical. Their Tac-Hammer for the Charger was the purchase that drew me back into custom 10/22s.

All that other stuff

Some of my first custom 10/22s were built on receivers purchased from Matt, at S&P Outfitters. Since then, he’s gotten me out of more than one pinch, selling me stuff that no one else even had in stock. Tactical Innovations has been super helpful with parts too, as has Tactical Solutions. My most accurate rifle could not have been built without the CST receiver (thanks Mike!), Timney trigger (thanks Chris!), and KIDD barrel (thanks automated email system!). Nearly every firearm I own is topped with a Vortex optic of some sort. Their only support for my site has been their warranty service, when we break stuff. But you can’t beat the value across their entire product line.

Volquartsen helped me out with some bits and pieces for tuning my suppressed Mark IV pistols. Looking forward to continuing that relationship, as they have quality stuff. Speaking of quality stuff TandemKross has provided an incredible amount of support this year. I cannot thank Jake, Bryan, and Alex enough. They provided so many parts, big and small, for so many projects, and I don’t think I could have done it without them. Really. Their affiliate program has helped cover the cost of running this site. So hit that link and show them some love.

Local peeps

Gunnies, as well as Get Some Guns, both in Orem, Utah, have provided a ton of help and moral support. Gunnies for advice, ammo, and scope rings. Get Some for range time and more advice. And my suppressor transfer.

I’m sure there are some others that I have forgotten, but it wasn’t intentional. Basically, I just want to make sure that if you’ve read this far, you know that I really appreciate being able to pursue some of my hobbies – shooting, writing, and photography, and share with others. Hope everyone has a safe new year, and looking forward to an even better 2021.



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