WTB Continues To Lead With Innovative Products At Interbike 2012



Volt Saddle, Nineline 29″ and 650b Wolverine Tires,
650b Frequency and Laser Disc i21 Rims Lead the Charge

Mill Valley, CA (CFEpr+) September, 2012 – – As an introduction to WTB’s 31st year in the mountain bike business, Interbike 2012 will see continued product innovation and leadership from this iconic brand. New saddles, tires and rims provide performance solutions to the ever-changing off-road market, developed by pioneers and champions alike.

650b Wolverine Tire – Long known as tire size specialists, WTB was the first company to ever build a 29″ mountain bike specific tire – in 1999. For 2013, we are introducing our first 650b tire in the Wolverine tread. Touted by some as the “perfect” size for mountain biking, the 650b Wolverine is fast-rolling, with moderately-spaced knobbies that cling to hardpack and outside knobs that control grab around the corners.

650b Frequency Rims – Frequency TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) rims are the ultimate for tuneable tubeless wheelsets, and now are available in 650b. Angled 4D spoke drilling makes building a breeze and keeps spoke tension direct from hub to rim. 7000 Series aluminum with the I-Beam makes for a stiff, light and compliant ride. CID technology allows any shop or consumer with regular tools to maintain their wheelsets, and the On-Ramp rim shape helps the tire seat without having to use compressed air to get your tires on…

Nineline 29″ Tire – The latest in the evolution of WTB’s extensive 29″ tire selection,┬áthe Nineline is the new-school approach to the lightweight 29″ x 2.0 race tire. The micro-squared tread design coupled with a supple casing keeps those big wheels rolling up climbs, down hills and shredding through corners like no other.

Laser Disc i21 Rim – Available in 26″ (500g), 650b (535g), and 29″ (570g), the Laser Disc i21 is available for tube-type applications. This rim comes with classic technologies including I-Beam, Unbendium Bulge, and WTB’s exclusive GBS (Global Bead System) that utilizes deeper grooves for the bead seats that lock the bead into place on the rim.

Volt Saddle – Ridden to the podium as the official
saddle of this year’s Downieville All Mountain World
Championship, the Volt features some of the latest
improvements in cycling performance and comfort.
The “Whale-Tail” design allows riders to push back
and gain leverage when climbing, coupled with WTB’s
proprietary Love Channel and Comfort Zone technology.
We feel that the Volt is appropriate for MTB, Road, Triathlon and Cyclocross.

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