Yike Bike – who’s their target demographic?

I just read another article about the Yike Bike, and I still don’t get it.

It’s an electric barstool. And at 3,500 Euros, it’s not for everyone. At that price, it’s not exactly a vastly less expensive alternative to a car, and certainly no replacement if you have more than a laptop bag to carry. And it’s a huge premium over a commuter bike, or two. So who is their intended audience?

Just wondering. It seems like all the R&D could have gone into something a bit more useful and affordable. And stop calling it a bicycle. You don’t pedal it, and the only exercise it affords the owner is that of lugging it around when it’s not being ridden.

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Target demographic is people who use public transport but need more freedom either end. Sure you can buy a cheap car or normal bike but you can’t take that on the train with you.

Are you ok with the name “motorbike” no pedals but still a bike. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/bike

Glen Aldridge

Hats Off! Great idea! I love that it doesn’t have pedals or mechanical brakes. It definitely could be the evolution of new transport just as the Penny Farthing was. My suggestion would be to make it a Delta Trike design for added stability & cargo capacity. This would make it the ultimate urban assault vehicle.

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