Zeal Optics‘ Best of the Wild West Windsor

Zeal Optics is known for being at the forefront of technological advancements in eyewear. Their Windsor sunglasses are no exception. This Boulder, Colorado-based company has creatively named these shades based on the old-time thoroughfare town of Windsor. The small town was a resting place for settlers on their long journey to the West. Windsor provided a colorful blend of East and West culture as well as style.

Generally, I burn through a pair of sunglasses every few months due to scratches or breakage. That said, I gave up buying quality sunglasses. Even mid-priced replacements were starting to break the bank. Of course, the cheap replacements had terrible quality and clarity. Needless to say, I was skeptical when Zeal offered me a pair of the Windsors to test.

Zeal Optics Windsor
Zeal Optics Windsor

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Windsor frames are made of a Z-resin thatlinkId=c26adcae1e16cfbf0163f2e09 feel almost weightless. Their lightweight quality does not equate to being flimsy. The durability is incredible due to the materials and manufacturing process. Z-resin is formed into frames using sustainably sourced castor beans in an eco-friendly injection molding process. The material’s durability is as good if not better than normal petroleum-based frames. It’s also better for the environment. I sat on them, dropped them and even threw them across a room. They honestly look no worse for the wear.

Why do people wear sunglasses? To protect their eyes! Lenses are the really important part of sunglasses. The Windsor lenses are made of Polarized Ellume. This means they are scratch-resistant. Windsor utilizes glare reduction through 9% polarization. Also, they block 95% of high energy blue light to provide better depth perception. Additionally, the lenses have 100% UVA/B/C reduction for optimal eye health. A unique feature of the lenses is the oleophobic property. This means the lenses are actually fingerprint resistant (only available in Horizon Blue).

I often to forget to take my sunglasses off my head when I don’t need the shades. Unfortunately, this means they usually end up tumbling to the floor when I bend down to get something. Happily, the Windsors only fell off my head once in 2+ months of testing. This used to be a common occurrence. Second, the frames feel as sturdy as the day I received them. Third, the Zeal Windsors have not a scratch on the lenses.

Throughout the product testing, my favorite feature quickly became the ProFlex rubber on the nose bridge and arm wing tips. I found that no amount of head shaking, rock and rolling, or intense humidity sweating could unseat them. Not much annoys me more than sunglasses that slide to the tip if my nose. Also, I dislike the feeling of having sunglasses practically to my eyebrows to keep them in place. That nose bridge indent between my eyebrows is no bueno.

Zeal Optics Windsor
Zeal Optics Windsor

Functionally, these sunglasses are outstanding. I use the Windsors for multiple activities each day. This cuts down on carting around multiple pairs of sunglasses. Before, I had one for each activity and a fashionable date-worthy pair. The Windsor style is just awesome. I’d call them feminine but also functional. A very well rounded sunglass. Also, they feature a keyhole nose bridge that I found extremely attractive for an extra touch of flair. Useful for airflow and keeping the lenses free of fogging too.

Windsors are offered in four colorways so every lady can find her style. Between the Ellume lenses, Z-resin frames, & ProFlex rubber, I believe the quality is amazing. At a $149 MSRP there‘s no doubt they are worth their value. Super cool fact: most Zeal products are prescription ready. This gives the consumers requiring corrective vision the opportunity to enjoy fashion and extra function.

All around, the Windsors are a spectacular sunglass. If I could change anything I would love to have a sunglass with photochromic properties in addition to polarization. Luckily I had a conversation with Mike Lewis, Director of Brand Activation & Digital Strategy. And I learned my dream lenses are available as part of the Auto Sun Collection. This unique hybrid lens utilizing both properties. The style availability is more limited, and does not include the Windsor‘s…yet!

Founders Michael and Wink Jackson’s vision and love of the outdoors continues to shine through all Zeal products. Zeal partners with more than 10 organizations to give back. By doing so, they provide opportunities to various communities, and provide a better future for our planet.

From sunglasses to ski goggles Zeal keeps their eyewear innovative. I would certainly recommend the Windsors as part of any sunglass collection. Personally, I can‘t imagine owning a better pair of sunglasses. They are for anyone and everyone, anywhere. And their great warranty program includes low-cost lens and frame replacement program.

Thank you Zeal Optics for giving me the opportunity to fall in love with your eyewear!

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