December 4, 2023
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I must have missed the drama.

Honestly? I think it’s about as useful as a Razor Scooter. More awkward than a bike, not nearly as efficient. Not likely street legal or street safe but a nuisance on sidewalks. You have to walk it up any hill you encounter. Doesn’t make any sense except perhaps as a child’s toy… like a Razor Scooter.


A few questions…

Does it come in rootbeer?

Can it fit a Marzocchi Super Monster on it?


I’m still waiting for mine to get here.

I’m one of those that’s supposed to be getting a free one after the BF debacle.

I don’t see myself having much use for it other than tolling around the parking lot but my girlfriend and her kid are looking forward to playing around with it some.

I figure that if it gets you out and moving about without burning dead dinosaurs it’s a good thing.


Hey I have one of these things! Don’t underestimate the impact on your fitness and athletic performance! I saw one at a BootCamp for trainers at the Professional Fitness Institute out in Las Vegas. It is honestly brilliant engineering from a kinetic and physiological perspective. Maybe they should have named it something like the UnRunner instead, because that was the principal of the first design in Finland. Oh—-and the chicks really dig it…!!

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