Footbike, continued

I haven’t heard back from the owner of FootbikeUSA since we briefly discussed their posts on, so I tried a Google search to see what I could find out about them outside of their website.

Yikes! I was hoping for maybe some product reviews, but no such luck. What I did find was an industrial design student in New York that has been working on his own footbike, a Yahoo! usergroup, and a mention of another design that was updated in 2002. I’m not knocking the company in any way, but they really need to get their name out there. It can’t be a good sign when only the top three results of your product name link back to you. Negative publicity would get them more hits than that, and I couldn’t even find anything negative.

I’d like to learn more about them, seeing as how there are actually organized races for them in Europe. Hopefully, Moses will get back to me soon.

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Here’s their website, Brian:


Thanks for that. I was looking for some more info about them, such as user reviews, and hoping to hear back from the owner soon. I’d like to find out more than what’s listed on their website.


A couple of us from BF that were supposed to get the free ones were planning on doing reviews and all that but it’s not gonna happen if we don’t get the Footbikes…

Moses Aoki

Brian—–Thanks for the look!

We opened the doors at footbikeUSA on October 1st 2007, we filled the warehouse on December 15th, and we have just now begun our company mission of putting a Footbike into the hands of everyone in North America!

So far we have a couple of hundred machines out there to folks that saw one, and had to have one. Could YOU be one of those people?! ABSOLUTELY! And after we get one to you we will bug YOU for a product review!
We are expecting an online review anyday from who have been testing a Track and a Trail Model since October when we met them at Interbike07.

We have heard the voices of the customers and we are adding another model to the lineup! It is just the right flavor so that there is no way you will be able to stop at just one! It is still a top secret project, but I can tell you this——–if you don’t have a MoGo, then you will be the only one!

Come check us out at and have a look. If you see a Street or Track model that you like then make a buy and use the Coupon Code—–MOSESLIVES. That will get you $28 off of your purchase price!

Are You Ready to Just Kick It?!!———Moses

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