3M’s No White at Night Challenge

I recently met with a rep from 3M to see what’s new and exciting for outdoor enthusiasts. During this meeting, we discussed their No White at Night campaign, and how that meshes with their 360° Enhanced Visibility program. Watch this video, and then I’ll explain how 3M is working with garment and shoe manufacturers to help keep us safe.

That’s a bit of an eye-opener, for sure. Which is where the 360° Enhanced Visibility program comes in. It’s not as simple as a shoe or clothing company slapping on some 3M™Scotchlite™Reflective Material and calling it good. In order to qualify for the 360° Enhanced Visibility hang tag, a manufacturer needs to submit plans proving that their product will contain a specified amount of reflective material, and it must be visible from all sides. It’s even broken down by location and amount, so that you’re assured a certain amount of visibility on the front, back, and sides. This approval process certifies that garments and footwear displaying the 360° Enhanced Visibility hang tag meet these stringent requirements. So leave your t-shirt at home, and look for the tag – it might just keep you from becoming another statistic.

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That is high visibility! Are they available in cycling clothing?


They mentioned Pearl Izumi as one cycling gear company that they were working with. I’ll follow up with 3M and see who else is participating.

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