Concerned about stink? Then read this.

First, let me point out that this has to be one of my favorite promotions of all time. To prove the effectiveness of their antimicrobial treatment, Agion Active has been giving their testers a t-shirt treated on one side with their odor eliminator, and let them loose in the wild. The challenge is to give the shirt your hottest, stinkiest, nastiest workout, and see if the treated side stinks, then report back to the website with your results. If that’s not fun, I don’t know what is.

Since I’ve been known to get a little ripe after simple winter activities like shoveling snow or getting my wife’s car unstuck from the end of our driveway, Agion provided one of their long sleeve base layer shirts. Thankfully, it’s fully treated, so there is no stinky side. So far, it’s been worn for two days and a variety of activities, with no noticeable change in scent, even though I did break a sweat more than once. Yeah, kind of icky, but it’s all in the name of science. By the way, I encourage anyone interested to go to the site and apply. While I’m pretty sure I’m ineligible, looks like some great prizes are available to those that are.

I’ll report back when this shirt gets close to walking on its own. My plan is to give it a more meaningful workout as well. In the meantime, the press release is contained below this photo of yours truly:

Agion Active shirt test

Agion Introduces Round Two of the Stink at Nothing Challenge

T-shirt testers from around the world are invited to participate in Agion‘s global stink experiment

Building on the success of the world‘s most ambitious anti-stink experiment, Agion has extended its Stink at Nothing campaign for six more months, offering new prizes to those who take the Challenge. Outdoor enthusiasts and athletes alike can visit and test Agion Active odor-elimination technology by engaging in whatever sweat-inducing sport they dare.To date, the Stink at Nothing campaign has attracted more than 400,000 website visitors. Over 90,000 consumers from 150 countries have signed up to participate.

Consumers from all over the world continue to prove how effective Agion Active technology is with their personal testimony. After passing a screening process, consumers pull on a T-shirt treated with Agion Active technology, work out in whatever way they love, and then answer one question: “Did you stink?” After sharing their results via video testimonials, photos and written accounts, T-testers will be eligible to win the grand prize of a $500 gift card from and an Electronics Prize Pack that includes: The North Face Hiking Backpack, a Dell laptop computer, a Flip HD digital video camera and a Nikon digital still camera. Second- and third-place winners will receive Amazon gift cards. Each T-tester profile on will contain a vote meter where people can vote for their favorite testimonials. The grand prize winner will be decided by the most votes.

“When we first launched the Stink at Nothing Challenge, we wanted to show the world how effectively Agion Active beats stink by letting consumers test it and experience it for themselves,” said Paul Ford, chief executive officer of Agion Technologies. “The feedback we‘ve received has made it clear that active people deserve and demand odor-eliminating technology in their apparel. We are pleased to extend the Challenge for another six months and look forward to more amazing stories from our new T-testers.”

Agion Active features a dual-action technology that not only provides antimicrobial product protection and industrial-strength odor elimination but also eliminates odors on and around the fabric.Silver ion antimicrobial technology stops the spread of odor-causing bacteria on the fabric while a natural, proprietary odor-trapping solution captures molecules from ambient odors. Unlike odor control technologies currently on the market, Agion Active eliminates odor from over 14 sources, achieving performance well beyond what has been offered to consumers to date. Agion Active continues to perform for the life of the garment, regenerating with each wash. The shirts offered during the Stink at Nothing Challenge are designed for the campaign. Half of the shirt is treated with Agion Active while the other half is left untreated so T-testers can easily smell which side “Stinks at Nothing.”

The Stink at Nothing Challenge will run through July 2011. To enter, visit

About Agion Technologies, Inc.
Agion Technologies, located in Wakefield, Mass., is a leader in providing customized solutions that enhance the value of partners‘ products. Agion‘s technologies are based on silver and other naturally occurring elements and have been incorporated into a wide range of consumer, industrial and healthcare products including cell phones, shoes, keyboards, water filters, medical catheters and ice machines. Agion’s customers include many leading brands such as Dell, Motorola, PPG, Carrier, DuPont and over 40 major footwear brands including Adidas and Columbia.

For more information about Agion Technologies, visit and and follow Agion‘s exciting consumer campaign on Facebook and/or Twitter.

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