Self defense?

While browsing the internet for cycling news, I happen to come across this article, about a motorist who allegedly got out of his car and destroyed a $4,800 bicycle with a baseball bat.

It’s the usual deal where the cyclists claim a motorist (safely ensconced inside his car/truck/SUV) harassed and/or threatened them, and the motorist claims that when he exited his vehicle, one or more cyclists (usually dressed in shorts, tights, or lycra) and having no obvious weapons other than a 20 pound or so bicycle, proceeded to threaten him or her. I find articles like this interesting, because there is so much disparity between the facts as offered by the victim and the aggressor. For instance, it was claimed that a female cyclist hit the motorist’s car with her bike. Personally, I wouldn’t go up against any automobile, even armed with a 30 pound MTB. Then there is the argument that the motorist acted in self defense when he used a bat on a bicycle. I’m having a bit of trouble with that one too. While I have been in enough bike crashes to know that they’re absolutely vicious creatures when thrown end over end, I cannot think of any situation where I would feel a need to defend myself from one, if I am not actually riding it.

I’ll make a note to try and post a follow up after the trial. Should be interesting to see how this turns out. In the meantime, do not turn your back on a bicycle for any reason. And be prepared to defend yourself against an angry Giant.

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