A Different Kind Of Fixed Gear Conversion

I watched a fixed gear conversion of sorts play out in a similar way on two different cycling forums. In one case, the original poster explained that while he was looking to buy something more than an entry level bike, he wasn’t into the “hipster” scene, and just wanted a nice riding bike that’s also esthetically pleasing. On the other forum, a member just came right out and asked about Wabi Cycles. I don’t recall if it was the Classic, Lightning, or Special, but the spec is the same on all of them, only the frame (and price) is different. Since I own one of the Classic models, which I did a multi-part review on, I will usually chime in with my two cents.

Of course, the handful of other Wabi owners out there on the forums seem to come out of the woodwork at the same time, praising not only the looks and ride quality of their bikes, but the outstanding customer service provided by Wabi’s owner, Richard Snook. And what usually happens after is that in a few days, or maybe even weeks, the thread gets updated with comments from a new Wabi owner that is gushing ecstatically about how much they love their new ride. It’s one of the least common of all fixed gear conversions, but expect to hear or read about them more often. Even if Wabi never becomes a household name, the owners will still covet their bikes and share reviews of them. That’s a safe bet.

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