Review: Stanley Nineteen13 16oz One Hand Vacuum Mug

Stanley Nineteen13 16oz One Hand Vacuum Mug


Walk a dog. Change channels. Throw a Frisbee®.  Send email from your BlackBerry®.   Steer your bike or car. Brush your hair. Arm wrestle. Open a door. These are just some of the things you could do if you had the new One Hand Vacuum Mug from Stanley.

At 16oz, this is the one Goldilocks would be using. Not too big, not too small. Just right. It fits that handy cup holder in your car, but just as important, works in the water bottle cage on your bike too. Perfect for the auto-to-bike duathlon transition. And if you ride your bike to work or school, it takes the place of two drinking vessels. Put your morning coffee in it, and it will stay hot for six hours. (Of course, if you can’t finish your coffee in that time, you probably don’t need coffee) Give it a quick rinse and it’s ready to keep your cold drinks cold all day. With the miracle of vacuum insulation (heat doesn’t transfer well across a void) and a thermal lid, cold coffee and warm water are a thing of the past.

About that lid: it’s got more tricks than David Copperfield and Criss Angel combined. Well, maybe not. But you’ll still be impressed by its magic. A replaceable o-ring provides a leak-proof seal. There’s a removable grit guard that helps keep the yucky stuff off the mouthpiece when you’re cycling. That mouthpiece, by the way, appears to be designed to direct your drink to your mouth, not your lap, like some lesser products. Great news for lefties – it’s ambidextrous! Yes, a product truly designed to be used with either hand. Take that, you rotten scissors and can openers!

The lid easily disassembles into three parts for cleaning, and is dishwasher safe, which your mom approves of.  Because you clean your bottles regularly, right? Right?

Available in blue, black, white, and the raw finish shown. Lifetime warranty, BPA free, leak proof. Suggested retail will be $28, and you can find it this fall at specialty retailers or online at the Stanley website, along with a host of other great products.

As Stanley forges ahead with their continuous innovation, one thing is certain – we’ll have no excuse for being thirsty, no matter what activities we’re engaged in.

– Brian

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