A Little “Behind The Scenes” Look At Rideout Technologies

Even though I’ve been exchanging emails with Jeri Rutherford for nearly two years now, I had no idea just how much trouble she went through to bring her Carbon Comfort Saddles to market. What I did know was that she had a unique and  effective design, but that there were a few obstacles to overcome in the production process. It was roughly 20 months after I first saw one before my wife got to try one out.

After reading that someone has spent seven years and at least $60,000 to develop a bicycle seat, you realize that it’s more than just profit driving them. For that kind of cash, she could have had a few custom made for herself, and ridden along on her merry way with a happy bum. But after meeting her in person, and then trading emails since Interbike 2009, I understand. She’s one of those people that understands the benefits of cycling, and would truly like to see more folks riding. Jeri, I tip my vintage yellow Campagnolo cycling cap to you.

– Brian


For the record, it was this article on CanadianBusiness.com that I got my information from.



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