February 22, 2024
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The notion of taxing the very people that are encouraging alternative transportation is illogical and absurd. This tax can be easily absorbed without notice by local rental car agencies or local hotels as a travel tax for those wishing to do business in the area, but who do not use mass transit or alternative transport. Our overweight federal government already taxes us massively for overseas trips, yet does not apply this money to any rail infrastructure that would ultimately enable greater commerce success. Here’s a shocking breakdown of the taxes I just spent on an international trip:

Fare Breakdown
Airfare: 815.00 USD
U.S. Customs User Fee: 5.50
U.S. Immigration User Fee: 7.00
U.S. APHIS User Fee: 5.00
U.S. Federal Transportation Tax: 32.60
September 11th Security Fee: 7.50
Germany Airport Security Charge: 17.00
Germany Passenger Service Charge: 50.30
Italy Security Bag Charge: 2.50
Italy Council City Tax: 6.50
Italy Embarkation Tax: 9.50
Italy Passenger Service Charge: 1.10
Italy Security Charge: 2.60
Fuel Surcharge: 420.00
U.S. Passenger Facility Charge: 13.50
Per Person Total: 1,395.60
eTicket Total: 1,395.60

The airfare you paid on this itinerary totals: 815.00 USD
The taxes, fees, and surcharges paid total: 580.60 USD

It is incredible to tax the very folks that support alternative transportation!

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