Sanuk – Fun Footwear That Brings A Smile To Your Face

With product names like Chubby, Rubber Dubs, Shunami, Brojave, Yoga Goddess and Fraidy Cat, it’s obvious that Sanuk is all about fun. But that’s to be expected. The inspiration for this relaxed line of sandals and sandal hybrids came from California surfer Jeff Kelley, and Sanuk is the Thai word for fun.

Don’t be fooled by their casual take on casual footwear though. Just as they have at least some serious pairs in the bunch,  their design indicates that some considerable thought went into creating a shoe/sandal hybrid that’s as comfortable as it is fun to wear. Without getting too technical, what they’ve done is attach a casual shoe upper to a sandal lower, without the usual stitching that normal construction requires. The end result is a highly flexible, cozy sandal that offers the coverage of a shoe with the comfort of a sandal.


Sanuks are available in an expansive variety of styles, materials, and colors. Uppers come in jute, hemp, flannel, leather, Sunrella™and Official Mossy Oak™and more color combinations and themes than there is room to list here. Irie, (Rasta) Hawaiian, faded/frayed, earthy and even a bit upscale are just a few options available. Seems like they have every occasion covered, from tumbling out of bed to hit the waves, to pushing the envelope of business casual. Their insoles get a variety of treatments too, including their Bubbler, which is reminiscent of a soccer slide, but with EVA foam replacing the hard plastic, and the Chubby, which features horizontal rolls of padding, sculpted like the a chaise lounge chair. Both offer comfort while providing extra cooling. Flipping through their Spring 2012 catalog, I can easily find at least a half dozen other options as well.

Climber Sierra Blair-Coyle
Surfer Dave Rastovich















With such a fun and laid-back approach to life, it’s certainly no surprise that Sanuk sponsors a variety of  surfers, wakeboarders, and climbers.  They also donate generously to Operation Smile, which provides free surgeries to repair cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities for children around the globe. So when you see the “Smile… Pass it on!” on their website, understand that it’s more than just a slogan, it’s their mission.

We’ve included a dozen images of Sanuk footwear, but that barely scratches the surface of the complete line. Go to to see them all,  and look for an upcoming review as well.

– Brian

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