AceCamp Camping Shower

AceCamp Camping Shower
AceCamp Camping Shower

A hot shower is a luxury when camping. The folks at AceCamp know that, and offer their Super Solar Shower as a simple solution for campers. If you’re like me, and need at least a warm shower (and hot cup of coffee) to start your day, read on.

First, the numbers. The AceCamp Camping Shower holds 20 liters of water, (which is a bit over five gallons for our non-metric readers). That’s plenty for a quick scrub. Total weight when empty is only 12 ounces, so it’s not so heavy that you won’t mind taking it with you. It requires about three hours of sunlight, and can actually heat water up to 120 degrees. What kind of price tag does this camping extravagance carry? We found one on for only $10.95, not including tax or shipping. Surely your comfort, or that of your camping partner, is worth this trivial investment.

Using the shower is as simple as filling it with water and leaving it in the sun, black side up. When you’re ready to use it, just find something to hang it from, and adjust the rate of flow out of the shower head using the inline clamp. It’s pretty low tech all around, but highly effective. Depending on where you use it, and how hot it is outside, it can heat so efficiently that you may want to add some cold or ambient temperature water, to avoid getting burned.

Who could use one? Well, obviously you’d want to pack one or more for camping. Do you like epic MTB rides that last all day? Leave it out (maybe on your car roof or truck bed) while riding, and enjoy a quick wash before heading off to that Mexican restaurant for post-ride beers and burritos. Same with motocross riders, or playing in the dunes. Would work well on a boat too. Planning a trip to Burning Man? Wash the dirt and stink off before crawling into your tent or the back of your car. There’s no shortage of opportunities to use the AceCamp Camping Shower, and again, the price makes it an easy decision. Head over to AceCamp to see their other nifty camping gear too.

– Brian

Disclosure of Material Connection: We received the AceCamp Camping Shower for free from AceCamp, in consideration for review publication.

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