TUNEfootwear Boat Shoe

TUNEfootwear Boat Shoe
TUNEfootwear Boat Shoe

Check out the TUNEfootwear Boat shoe. Yes, minimalist footwear is everywhere. Well, nearly everywhere. You can find them for running and trail running, but they are less common for those of us that spend our day in an office. So TUNEfootwear offers stylish dress shoes, such as their Boat, with all the benefits of a minimalist shoe, yet they don’t look out of place in today’s boardroom.

If making a minimalist shoe was as simple as a wide toe box, flexible sole, and zero drop, we’d all be running around with our feet swathed in neoprene, mesh, and a bit of rubber. And we’d be getting funny looks too. The guys at TUNEfootwear took the classic loafers and applied minimalist principles to them, but with a more dressy look and traditional materials. In the case of our Boat shoe, that meant a leather upper and rubber outsole. The toe box is hand stitched with a nice X pattern, and the overall construction is visually pleasing and appears to be of high quality. An anti-microbial lining means you can wear them with or without socks.

TUNEfootwear Boat Shoe
TUNEfootwear Boat Shoe

Slipping them on for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised – they’re roomy everywhere. Given all the variations in feet from one person to the next, it’s not easy to make a shoe that’s feels so unrestricted, yet doesn’t fall off your foot. According to the manufacturer, they run small, and you should order one full size up. Since it’s winter time, I ended up wearing a thicker sock than I normally would, and feel it’s closer to a half size off, but that really depends on your personal sock or barefoot preference. Either way, after two weeks they nearly rival my favorite everyday shoes for comfort, which says a lot. Their sole has provided good grip as well as feedback on a variety of surfaces, but they haven’t been tested in the wet yet. Even with the thick socks creating extra heat, moisture management is good. The heel cup was a bit damp at the end of a long day, but that anti-microbial lining did its job. And although they squeak a bit in the morning, no break-in is required.

TUNEfootwear Boat Shoe
TUNEfootwear Boat Shoe

An interesting side note comes from a friend of mine. He’s rockin’ a titanium wheelchair with Spinergy Spox wheels, and a pair of simple moccasins. Not the first guy I would look to for an opinion on shoes, but he gave them a once-over, and immediately asked where he can get some. It hadn’t occurred to me, but he’ll never break in a pair of shoes, so he appreciates the soft, minimal structure and office-friendly look. Who knew?

For more info on the TUNEfootwear Boat shoes, and to read about their design philosophy, check out tunefootwear.com. You’ll also find the rest of their line there.

– Brian

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the TUNEfootwear Boat shoes for free from TUNEfootwear as coordinated by Deep Creek PR Outdoor Retailer Public Relations, in consideration for review publication.

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Thanks for your review. I just got these shoes and she I first looked at them I thought “What did I buy?” They are on sale now and i normally wear Merrell shoes. At first i thought I would look like goofy walking around with these. I also felt them smaller and was going to send them back for a half bigger. This would take me to 1.5 larger than the norm bit with you saying that 2 weeks will fix this, i feel better. Going to use them to night for work. Got a down server i go to check our. Thanks again.

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