Adaptrac™Gives Mountain Bikers In-motion Tire Pressure Adjustment

File this one under “Breakthrough technology for mountain biking”. They’ll be previewing the Adaptrac™system at Sea Otter Classic, April 19-22, 2012. Wish I could be there to check it out, but my son’s birthday is a bit more important.

– Brian

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LIVERMORE, Calif.’”High-profile and hard core mountain bikers including former pro gravity exponent Eric Opperman among others are giving the thumbs-up to Adaptrac™, a new in-motion tire pressure adjustment system – adaptable traction control for mountain bikes. This is a long-awaited product that most mountain bikers have wished for since Year Dot, and a prototype version is now on display and will be available for test riding at the Sea Otter Classic April 19-22.
Adaptrac inventor, Brandt Weibezahn, said, “Historically there has not been a way to create an air passage from the static bike frame to the center of the rotating wheel. The 9mm solid skewer shaft prevented this. The advent of the hollow thru axle technology created a ready-made path and thus the Adaptrac™idea was born.”

Adaptrac™is for mountain bikers looking for gains in control, safety and performance on descents, singletrack and climbs by using a CO2 regulation system to increase or decrease tire pressure while moving. Technical specifications.

Brandt Weibezahn is a longtime mountain biker who leads a business designing and machining mechanical components. He said, “After launching and selling some successful startups over the past decade or so, I now am able apply my experience in product development to projects of personal interest, and this is my first big project. Feeback from riders has been good, I am very interested to learn what the experts among the media think.”

The case for Adaptrac™is simple: As mountain bike technology evolves, huge sums are being spent on incremental improvements in frame design, suspension and shock technology. Yet most would agree that one of the most important variables in mountain bike performance during a range of ride types is tire pressure.

Technical specifications

Allows the rider to:

  • Deflate tire pressure for maximum traction on descents
  • Inflate tire pressure to reduce rolling resistance while climbing
  • Tune tire pressure to existing trail conditions (rocky vs. smooth)
  • Deflate rear tire only for steep climbing in loose conditions
  • Street ride to and from the trailhead at maximum pressure
  • Rapid inflation of repaired tire after a puncture (no pumping)

Media FAQ

What exactly is it?
Adaptrac™is a multi-component system composed of special patent pending hubs, a dual control valve and a C02 power pack/regulator. Tire pressure can be raised or lowered while riding with a quick press of the finger on the handlebar control toggles. Actual tire pressure is displayed on analog gauges mounted on the handlebars. The system accommodates 12x142mm rear and 15mm front axle standards meaning wheels can be removed as usual. Adaptrac™uses readily available, rechargeable C02 tanks ranging from 4 to 20 ounces so riders carry only what is needed. Tire pressure can now be adjusted to suit the trail in seconds!

Isn’t there a lot of friction at the junction of the axle and air hose?”
Actually no. It took a long while to figure this out and now the wheel turns freely.

How many times can I inflate and deflate during a ride?
10 complete cycles from 20 to 50psi with both tires (26” x 2.35”) from one 12oz tank.

Will it work on my bike?
The Adaptrac™system is compatible with bike frames using the newer 12x142mm axle (rear wheel) and 15mm axle (front wheel). Included in the system are replacement axles specific to your bike brand and model. All components can be installed by anyone reasonably handy with simple tools in less than half an hour. Refer to the instruction section of our website for download in PDF format. Alternatively, any bike shop can easily handle the install.

How much weight does it add?
System weight is approximately 690 grams with an empty 9oz CO2 tank. Carry as much CO2 as required.

What comes in the box?
Complete handmade front and rear wheels using Adaptrac’s patent pending hub and WTB‘s new Frequency I23 Team technology rims (1986 grams–26”); Handlebar control and thumb controls; Powerpack with all necessary tubing, valves and fasteners.

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