December 3, 2023
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We have been out kicking and missed your review of our Footbike Street Model. Known as our entry ‘all rounder’ you made the points that are relative to our machine. A couple of things to note. When we utilize our repair stands for the limited tune-ups a Footbike needs, we turn the tube clamp vertical and clamp the front fork. You likely need to strap the main tube to the stand so it doesn’t swing around and knock you in the head. And that weld on the belly of the main tube is actually a vertical plate that keeps the tube rigid and unbendable. This critical engineering also allows us to offer a Lifetime Warranty against frame breakage due to regular use. Keep kicking it! You will get stronger as you learn, and then you can join us at the Footbiking World Championships! Just Kick It—Moses


Hi guys I was just wondering why footbikes/kickbikes are so expensive. I can go buy a mongoose/Schwinn bicycle for $150 and it has more parts and labor in it and the cheapest one you guys have is over $300. Don’t get me wrong I want one and I am not trying to put the company down. But if you want footbikes to take off in America you need to get a distributer like Wal-Mart to carry them and to sell for under $200 like a economy version. I myself as stated before want’s one but the price is what’s stopping me as im in a low income home.
I see these with a 50cc scooter motor being a future x games sport



In order for them to sell at Wal-Mart, they would have to throw quality out the window in order to meet a price point. Companies like Footbike specify high quality components throughout, and price their products accordingly. Mongoose and Schwinn are no longer as respected as they once were. Their “bikes” that you see at Wal-Mart are priced as low as they are because they are made with the least expensive components available.


I have a footbike track that Ive put through a lot miles commuting and loaded touring and their bullet-proof. I have 2 nice roadbikes and a nice recumbent but my footbike is my fav because its very safe, they carry a load well, comfortable and fast in an aero-tuck if I get into a ball and lean to steer. I d race anyone downhill. Best money ever spent.

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