Apidura Mountain Frame Pack Long-Term Review

Apidura Mountain Frame Pack
Apidura Mountain Frame Pack

Back in January, I gave my initial thoughts on the Apidura Mountain Frame Pack. Since then, I have ridden many more gravel miles with this pack. It continues to impress me and has become my favorite frame pack for long-distance gravel rides.

The initial quality impressions of the Apidura Mountain Frame Pack have been confirmed with lots of miles and abuse. It has proven to be tough, user friendly, and great at repelling mud and rain showers. As with any bag of this sort, however, keeping electronics enclosed in waterproof bags inside the pack during extended heavy rains is a good idea.

The shaping of the Apidura fits both of my large gravel frames well. The bag definitely holds enough items for long days, and it holds these items better than other frame packs I have used. When loading enough food and water for big days, other frame packs seem to bulge excessively resulting in my calves rubbing on the bags. The shape of the Apidura not only gives it a higher capacity, but it allows this bag to hold the items without significant bulging, eliminating the leg rub.

I have even been testing the maximum capacity of the main pocket to quite favorable results. After bad luck changing a puncture on my 2.1 tires, I went to the larger but more appropriate Lezyne Micro Drive pump. This means the main bladder pocket of the bag now is holding 2-3 liters of water, this pump, 3 tire levers, a patch kit, tire boots, a multitool, a spare tube, and my portable battery packs on ultra-long rides. This is no problem for the large pack.

Of the features of the Apidura Frame Pack that I have come to appreciate most, the divided pockets are at the top of the list. Keeping food items separate and organized makes eating while rolling much easier. I do like being able to quickly distinguish and access my food without digging through a whole pouch‘s worth of items to finally find the one I want.

Apidura Mountain Frame Pack
Apidura Mountain Frame Pack

The only real wear showing on the bag at this point is from me placing a multi-tool in the small internal zip pocket. The internal pocket is not the best place for these type of items, and it is definitely better suited for credit cards and small items you don‘t want to lose. For that reason, I am not faulting the bag as I don‘t believe the small pouch was designed to be highly wear resistant.

All straps and external stitching are proving strong and durable. In addition, one of my favorite features mentioned in my initial review, the rubberized hook and fastener backing, is still a highlight. The top tube fasteners on other bags I have used can really mar a frame‘s finish after only short rides. Even after all the miles I have with the Apidura, it has not blemished the frame.

Apidura makes a full line of bags for long adventures including front and rear packs as well as accessory packs. Based on the design and quality of the frame pack, I have no doubt that their other bags are impressive as well. You can browse and order Apridura products at Apidura Website.

– Alex (Steak Sauce)

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