Exustar SPD Sandals Save Bicycle Tourist

When $400 Cycling Shoes Failed Him, $99 Exustar Sandals Allowed Him to Tour and Commute Again

Fort Collins, CO (CFEpr+)  – – Long-time cycling commuter, bicycle tourist, and Disneyland ride engineer Dave Hertwig was within inches of canceling his planned Spring bicycle tour with two friends in the Trinity Alps of California due to severe foot pain brought on by riding too many miles in carbon cycling shoes. He bought a pair of Exustar Cycling Sandals, and the relief he experienced allowed him to change his mind immediately and enjoy the ride of his life.

“I commute two or three times a week to my job at Disneyland from my house which is 44 miles round trip,” says Dave. “But my feet have been hurting severely for a few years in traditional cycling shoes, and I was ready to throw in the towel, until I got Exustar cycling sandals.”
Dave had been to numerous Podiatrists and “Pro Shops”, and spent hundreds of dollars on multiple high-end cycling shoes and inserts only to find no relief to his problem.
“Immediately I was able to get back to my regular miles again, and climbed hundreds of miles in the shockingly steep mountain roads of the Trinity Alps.”

Dave slapped cleats on his sandals, rode into work one day, and was immediately hooked. “The pain I was experiencing subsided almost immediately, and I was ready to go on tour. I was climbing faster than my tour mates, even loaded with 90 pounds on my Surly!” says Hertwig.
One key to the Exustar E-SS503 Sandals is that they have three top straps, one heel strap, and a flexible

top cover. Both shoes shapeshift to each of your feet. Neither of our feet are exactly the same shape or size, so getting two shoes exactly the same dimensions is probably not the best answer for everyone.

“I learned a lot going to Doctors, Bike Shops, and then got the most information from a quality Running Store. The 25-year-old guys at the Cycling shop don’t have ANY problems – they are 25! I’m moving towards 60, and needed a solution. Exustar brought it to me, and I’m enjoying my bike miles now more than ever before.”


Exustar is the leader in Performance/Value Cycling Shoe and Pedal Systems. Available from the best bicycle dealers worldwide, they bring the most bang and performance for your bicycling buck when paired together. Visit exustarusa.com to see the latest from Exustar USA.
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Hmm… I might have to trade in the Shimano Sandals I have and give these a try.

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