Tail Waggin’ With The Burley Tail Wagon

Cycling and the company of my two dogs have always been mutually exclusive to each other. But with the Burley Tail Wagon, I am able to combine them in a practical and useful way.  The Tail Wagon is a two wheel trailer made for your canine companion, and can double as a cargo trailer due to its … Read more

Under Armour Storm Igniter 2.0 Sunglasses

Under Armour’s Storm collection of eyewear consists of several styles of sunglasses for an active outdoor lifestyle. I was able to review the Under Armour Storm Igniter 2.0 with polarized lenses. Each model in the Under Armour Storm collection is based upon a lens that is resistant to the outdoor elements of salt water, insect repellent, and oils, … Read more

Mountainsmith K9 Cube

The Mountainsmith K9 Cube is a product that I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing, with the help of my two best friends. For those of us with canine companions, travel can be a bit of a hassle at times when you need to make sure you have everything they require. Enter the Mountainsmith K9 Cube – a … Read more

Dinotte Lighting Daytime Red 400R Taillight

Once in a great while I find a product that becomes a game changer for me as a bike commuter.  The Dinotte Lighting Daytime Red 400R taillight  is one of those products that makes riding much more fun due to the increased safety and visibility it offers.  Dinotte Lighting products are well known to endurance … Read more

Portland Design Works (PDW) Dangerzone Review

What worries you the most when cycling? A flat tire? A thrown chain? Running out of water? Bonking? Getting hit by a car from the rear? Chased by a dog? Wait? What was that? Getting hit by a car from the rear? That seems to be a resounding concern among road-using cyclists. Interestingly enough, being … Read more

2012 HP Velotechnik Gekko fx Review

Picture a bicycle in your mind.  What do you see?  A road racer with low, hooked handle bars?  An upright  Dutch-style bike?  A full suspension, knobby tired mountain bike?  A brightly painted beach cruiser? Now picture a folding bicycle.  What does it look like?  Tiny wheels?  Long seat post?  Someone on it looks like a … Read more