Mountainsmith K9 Cube

Mountainsmith K9 Cube

The Mountainsmith K9 Cube is a product that I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing, with the help of my two best friends. For those of us with canine companions, travel can be a bit of a hassle at times when you need to make sure you have everything they require.

Enter the Mountainsmith K9 Cube – a rectangular shaped bag that measures 15”x15”x7.5” with 1600 cubic inches of storage space. The exterior is 150 denier ripstop fabric and the interior is made of 210 denier ripstop fabric. Two exterior handles are provided along with an included shoulder strap. It also has a zippered food storage bag, as well as collapsible food and water bowls which all feature a PEVA liner for sanitary and health reasons. You’ll find the interior of the Mountainsmith K9 Cube is made of a bright yellow material which is very useful for increasing visibility inside of the bag when looking for smaller items. To help with organization, it also features a removable divider and the inside of the lid has a zippered mesh pocket and there is a mesh pocket on each side of the bag.

Mountainsmith K9 Cube

At the front compartment of the Mountainsmith K9 Cube is where the genius of the product really shines. A quick unzip of the heavy duty zipper on the Mountainsmith K9 Cube reveals the sheer genius behind the design. Two collapsible bowls are fastened to the interior of the front flap using hook and loop attachment. They are even very well thought out for ease of use, hygiene and simplicity in cleaning. The attention to detail that went in to the K9 Cube‘s design for food and water is simply brilliant. Most products require a bit of wiping down to get really clean. Mountainsmith chose to use PEVA lining on their food and water bowls as well as the food container. When it is feeding/drinking time for your dog, simply pour water into one bowl and food in the other. Now, here again is a nice touch. The food bowl feature a drawstring closure with a cordlock to keep the food secure in the bowl.  Once your dog is finished eating and drinking, simply dump the water out and secure the cordlock on the food bowl. No mess. The water bowl was completely dry after dumping the water out, with no residual water that would attract mold and grime.

Mountainsmith K9 Cube with Holly, professional dog model

My time reviewing the Mountainsmith K9 Cube entailed me traveling with two terriers. I used the food storage bag to store their dry food and used a 24 ounce water bottle stored in each exterior mesh pocket. The inside mesh pocket of the lid was used to store a brush and the other half of the Mountainsmith K9 Cube was used to store treats, toys and a few balls. With this load, it was not even close to capacity, so the additional volume is useful for extended traveling. My dogs and I were caught in some lower visibility conditions and again, Mountainsmith included a very nice touch with the K9 Cube: reflective piping.

This review was actually very easy to write, since there is nothing to find fault with. Gone are the days of my having to make sure I had enough plastic containers for food, bowls and toys all haphazardly stuffed in to a dark duffel bag, and always wondering if I forgot something. Now, everything I need is in one place, easily accessible and easy to clean.  Holly, the model in these pictures, knows that when I grab the Mountainsmith K9 Cube, it means a trip and/or adventure is waiting for us.

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– Alex (Dos)

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Mountainsmith K9 Cube from Mountainsmith, in consideration for review publication.

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