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Prior to the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market show, I wasn’t entirely familiar with the breadth of cool gear offered by Nite Ize. Seems like they offer something for cyclists, campers, pet owners, walkers (not the zombie kind), runners, and anyone that just wants to be a little more organized. Here are just a few.


First up is the HandleBand™, which is a universal phone mount that attaches to your bicycle stem, and allows you to secure most touch screen phones or an iPod without tools. Due to the split rubber strap that secures the phone in place, it seems like it’s a better choice for the iPhone than many Android variants, but if it works with your phone than the $19.99 MSRP is certainly worth it. And they added a little extra value by including a bottle opener.

Gear Line

The Gear Line demonstrates the perfect application for their carabiners and Gear Ties (see below). String it up in your tent, and you can hang all your important items up off the ground, away from dirt, water, and critters. Think outside the box a little – not only can you hang your lantern, but it makes a great impromptu clothesline, and frees up some floor space at the same time.

Gear Ties

Gear Ties are just that – ties for your gear. Available in sizes from 3 to 64 inches, plus clip-able and mountable models, they feature durable rubber over a wire core, and can help you keep things tidy and organized. Wrap them around the cords of your kitchen appliances, or keep your computer cables together. But they’re not just for indoor use. Hang your camping gear with the bigger ties, use the smaller ones to secure gear to your backpack. Any place you might use a cheap twist tie, use the strong, reusable Gear Tie instead.


It’s easy to see where the BugLit got its name. A small LED light combined with a tiny carabiner and a pair of their Gear Ties makes a handy light that’s easily attached to just about anything. Great for home or camping, we like that fact that the mounting options are nearly endless. For $12.99, you get 6 lumens for 10 hours on high, or one lumen for 22 hours on low. There’s also a strobe mode, and the batteries are user-replaceable. Stick with pink, red, blue, green or clear for a fun look, choose the black/foliage or black/coyote for a creepier insect look.

Inova Microlight STS

A close relative of the BugLit, the Inova Microlight STS is another small LED light, but this one uses STS (Swipe to Shine) technology in place of the usual switch. Access all the functions by simply swiping a finder across the capacitive sensors. Run times are 9 hours at 16 lumens on high, and 64 hours at 2 lumens on low. As expected, there’s a strobe mode too. The mini carabiner attaches to keychains and zipper pulls, allowing you to carry one of these $11.99 lights when and where you need it most. We’re looking forward to the Nite Ize Inova STS Headlamp, which uses the same switch on a headlamp that offers multiple settings and two LED colors.


Applying LED technology to products for pet owners, Nite Ize offers the SpotLit, Dawg Disc, and Flashflight Dog Discuit. While the SpotLit is not pet-specific, its glowing, rather than directional light quality, make it ideal for clipping to your pet’s collar while out in low light. The Disc and Discuit light up, making it easier for your dog to see at night, after the street lights have come on, and the kids have all gone inside. These are only a few of the many products offered by Nite Ize, but we hope it’s enough that you’ll want to visit their site and see them all. They certainly offer something for everyone. – Brian

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