Wolf Tooth Components Bottle Opener With Rotor Truing Slot

Wolf Tooth Components Bottle Opener with Rotor Truing Slot

Valentine‘s Day is coming up, and we found the perfect gift for the mountain biking beer enthusiast – a Wolf Tooth Components Bottle Opener with Rotor Truing Slot. Just about every cyclist I‘ve ever met enjoys a cold beer as much as they enjoy getting new bike tools, and when adding to your bicycle tool chest, a dual purpose tool is always a plus, just like a cold beverage complements wrenching or maintenance. Coincidence? I think not!

Designed by a group of hardcore cyclists who pride themselves in providing high quality products, the Wolf Tooth Components Bottle Opener with Rotor Truing Slot is sure to do the trick. They work closely with local manufacturers to make sure their products are of the highest quality, and it shows in the detail. It’s made from 7075 T6 aluminum and is manufactured in Minnesota. Wolf Tooth Components hopes you will want to keep this tool with you at all times on or off the bike. Weighing in at 32 grams, this shouldn‘t present a problem even to weight weenies. For easy carry or stow they have designed a large hole on the end of the tool to fit a keychain or carabiner.

Wolf Tooth Components Bottle Opener with Rotor Truing Slot

There is only one word that describes this tool – awesome! Wolf Tooth Components keeps the selection to 5 basic anodized colors – black, blue, green, silver and red. The curvature of it has a very precise fit in the palm of your hand and is very easy to grip. At first glance it appears to be heavy and bulky, but you’ll see it’s not once you pick it up and use it. Truing rotors are a breeze with this tool. Originally, I was afraid it would not fit one of my bikes as the rotors are quite thick. But it slipped onto the rotor with ease, and is easy to use.

At $19.90 plus shipping you really can‘t go wrong with this product. It trues your rotors, opens your beers, and makes your friends envious. So get one for yourself and your special someone. Heck, buy one for your envious friend! Even if you don‘t true your rotors very often you will always need something to open those delicious craft beers that await you after an epic ride. For more information visit wolftoothcycling.com and check out their other items as well.  They are coming out with some great, innovative products for mountain bikers.

– Ryan

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Wolf Tooth Components Bottle Opener with Rotor Truing Tool for free from Wolf Tooth Components in consideration for review publication.

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