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Flowfold wallet
Flowfold wallet

“Wanna see something cool?” That was perhaps the best product intro at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market this year, and coming from Nick at the Flowfold wallet booth, it was spot on. Because Flowfold makes products that are all the things we like – durable, lasting, environmentally sound, and made in the United States. They’re also very affordable, and something you can use every day.

Needless to say, I quickly got my hands on one of the Flowfold billfold wallets. It’s got the standard long pocket for cash, and each side of the interior has two credit card/ID sized pockets with the outer one being cut at an angle for easier access. Empty, it is as thin as a pair of credit cards, and weighs as much a three sheets of paper, which is just about nothing. This is their original design, and it’s made from repurposed sailcloth, which is used for racing boats. As Flowfold mentions on their site, the cloth is either carbon fiber, Kevlar, Pentex or polyester matrixes, enclosed in Mylar films. That makes them extremely durable, but this is also a material that’s not going to break down in a landfill. So taking it out of the waste stream and putting it back in your pocket is a brilliant idea, both literally, and metaphorically.

Flowfold wallet
Flowfold wallet

Getting a new wallet required cleaning out the old one. So soon after the holidays, that meant tossing old receipts, as there was no cash to worry about. I put all the basics in the Flowfold – license, ATM card, insurance cards, and a few bills, just to see what it’s like carrying around cash (singles – but only enough to get a foot long at Subway). Lighter and thinner than my old leather wallet of similar design, the Flowfold is hardly felt in my back pocket. The material does make a bit of noise when you handle it, but as long as you don’t over stuff it, the wallet itself is as next to nothing as you can get. Oh, it even floats! When all our snow melts, I might have to test that out.

At $24, this is my ideal wallet. For those that travel much lighter, their $8 Tarjetero is not much bigger than a credit card or ID, and holds a couple of each. If you’re clubbin’, or just chilling at the beach, this is all you need. It’s also ideal for cyclists. For those big-bucks guys, the Trifold wallet has a bigger cash pocket, and six card holders. Or course, it’s a bit more expensive, at $30. But if you need to carry all that cash, you can afford to part with some of it too. Color options across all the products vary, but they have something for everyone. We also got a peek at their shopping tote, which is a great way to go green with style. Get yours at flowfold.com.

– Brian

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Flowfold wallet free from Flowfold, because they’re a cool bunch out there in Maine. We did the review so we could share them with our readers.

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