Batavus bicycles are coming to the United States

Seattle Bike Supply (SBS) will now be the distributor of Batavus bicycles in the USA. SBS will start with four models this season including the traditional Old Dutch 3 speed and three other “fully loaded” trekking/commuting bicycles.

Batavus bicycles were founded by Andries Gaastra on or about 1907, in the Netherlands. The history of Batavus bicycles goes from basic safety bikes in the beginning, Mopeds after the Second World War, to 10 speeds during the bike boom of the 70‘s. In more recent times Batavus was involved with racing bikes for the Dutch national and Olympic team in the mid-80‘s to the late 90‘s.

Today Batavus is best know for commuting and “trekking bikes,” bikes that are used for recreation and getting around. In Europe “trekking bikes” are also defined as bikes that have lights, locks, racks and fenders. The Dutch call a bike that comes with everything you would need for commuting, “fully dressed.” Since commuting bikes are used to a far higher level in Europe, the mindset is the same as one would have for a car in America. No one would buy a car in the US without lights, lock, or fenders, and the same can be said for a commuting bike in Europe.

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Seattle Bike Supply

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Seattle Bike Supply (SBS). An Accell Group Company
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Outstanding — authentic dutch bikes for the US market.

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