Bike weddings

I found this article today, about bike weddings, and it reminded me of a couple that I know who are planning on tying the knot later this month.

Now, I don’t think that they have any plans for a tandem, or that ridiculous round multi-passenger bike, at their wedding. But they are getting married at a ski resort with lifts that could take them up to some pretty sweet trails and long downhill runs. As far as receptions go, that would be an appropriate way to start their new life together. Heck, they could get married at the peak, then have everyone follow them back down to the reception.

It’s not often you need to bring a helmet to a wedding ceremony. But that would make for a very memorable wedding.

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I am familiar with bike weddings, but perhaps not quite like the one in that article. The wedding chariot is being pulled by a member of Bike Forums, by the way.


Speaking of mountaintop weddings, it’s kind of a tradition for Loveland Ski Resort to do weddings on Valentines Day, with skiers decked out in wedding regalia (tuxes, wedding gowns and all the rest).

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