t-shirts coming soon!

Ok, maybe not big news for everyone, but it’s still a scoop. It’s such a scoop that Brad from Velotees doesn’t even know yet that he’s been given the green light to be the official supplier of t-shirts.

Here’s the good part. Not only are we planning on having the members help in the initial design, but to keep the price low, neither BikeForums nor the parent company, Internet Brands, will be taking a profit.

So congratulations to Brad, and to the members too. They’ve been asking for a while now, and it’s good to see it finally happen.

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Question for Brad: Are you going to be able to procure women’s cut tee shirts for this endeavor?


Do you have a design? I’ll put my hand up if you need help…. Jerseys, shorts, bibs too???


Please do not let foo get wind of this or you will have a t shirt that says Merton for Ruler of the Moon. If you are lucky.

Tom Stormcrowe

Cool beans! Sounds good!


Too late, jsharr. Though I will not be the one to start the thread…

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