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Blundstone Rustic Brown #585
Blundstone Rustic Brown #585

When I lived in Australia, it seemed like everyone I knew with a job that entailed being on their feet had a pair of Blundstone boots. That because Blundstone has been making footwear that is equal parts comfort and good looks since 1870. Along the way, they became more than just a “work boot”. Now available in a variety of colors, finishes, and soles, they embraced fashion, but did not compromise their core values – fit and durability. Don’t think of them as just a lifestyle brand, as they are much more than that, which I found out during my extended review.

I chose a pair of Rustic Brown (#585 from the Super 550 Series) for this review. They are premium leather with a slight distressed look, the classic elastic side panel, and a black sole that looks like it offers a fair bit of traction, without marking up your floors. A close inspection reveals very even rows of double stitching through the entire shoe, which I have found to be a good indication of quality. Of course, they also have a bit more tech than the original series: a thermo urethane outsole, polyurethane midsole, plus PORON® XRD™at the heel and the heel pad of the footbed. This adds up to all-day comfort for your feet.

Blundstone Rustic Brown #585
Blundstone Rustic Brown #585


As sponsors for the Sundance Film Festival, Blundstone put themselves in the public eye in a big way, but it’s certainly not the first time. For example, I spotted a pair on Hank Moody in Californication. While Hank may not have been a role model, Blundstone helped David Duchovny nail the casual look of his rather prolific character, an author and writer with near-rockstar status.They go well with jeans, whether paired with a black t-shirt and sportcoat, a casual button down, or even a polo. If you lean more towards denim than twill, you can’t go wrong with them. I found mine get compliments with both dark jeans or light khaki pants, but no one has mistaken me for even an infamous writer.

Looks aren’t everything though. At first, I wondered how they would fit, with no laces, and just that elastic panel. Well, they slide right on, with pulls where the tongue would normally be, and at the heel. I’ve only needed to use the heel one, if that matters. The fit is spot on when worn with a medium weight sock. No blisters, no hot spots, no odd rubbing, and my feet were never too hot or cold, in temps ranging from the low 30’s up to 90 degrees.They are also roomy without feeling too wide. Arch support is a bit more subjective. Some people like (or need) more or less support. I prefer a minimalist shoe, and find the lack of pronounced arch support in my Blundstone boots to be ideal. In other words, they are exactly what I look for in a shoe, but with way more style than I usually end up with. Note that if the fit is not quite perfect, there are inserts that go under the insole to allow you to fine-tune them a bit.

Good shoes should fit well, and feel as great at the end of the day as when you first put them on in the morning. Blundstone has clearly nailed the comfort angle, and also managed to maintain their iconic look, while coming out with a wide range of footwear that all share the same common DNA. I’ve worn mine almost daily over more than 3 months, so I feel that I’ve given them a fair shake. There is simply nothing I can fault in them. I was going to mention them as a great Father’s Day gift, since it’s June already, but they would make a great gift any time of the year. Their sizing is not that same as US sizing, so you need to order one size smaller than normal (I wear a 12, but ordered them in 11), but the fit is true to size once you account for that. Find your pair at

– Brian

Blundstone Rustic Brown #585
Blundstone. Tasmania, Australia
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