Vargo Outdoors Titanium Funnel Flask

Vargo Outdoors Titanium Funnel Flask
Vargo Outdoors Titanium Funnel Flask

The Titanium Funnel Flask from Vargo is yet another unique product from a company known for doing cool things with titanium. Had they simply made a flask from titanium, there would not be anything to set it apart from similar products, other than low weight and a premium price tag. But they addressed the issue of how to fill your flask in a clever way, and in doing so, showed us once again they can think outside the box.

I’ll go out on a limb and guess that if you’re reading this, you have either owned or used a flask, and you know how much trouble it can be to fill one via the little opening at the top. Any container small enough to fit into a back pocket is going to have a small opening. If you have a steady hand, you can try to pour right from the bottle, but over the time it takes to fill an eight ounce flask, you may very well spill a drop or two. That would be a shame if it’s an expensive, special-occasion sippable beverage. Sure, you could use a funnel, if you can find one. But Vargo solved this by placing their patent-pending silicone funnel right on the neck of the Funnel Flask. At first glance, you might not even notice that it’s is a funnel, due to the way it contours to the top of the flask. That clean, simple design language is found in all Vargo products. And it’s as easy to use as well. It pops up into place when filling, and folds back down so you can screw the top back on. That keeps it out of the way when it’s time for a sip. And the shape of the funnel makes it easy to pour from the flask back into the bottle.

Vargo Outdoors Titanium Funnel Flask
Vargo Outdoors Titanium Funnel Flask

I have a business associate who lives in Kentucky, just 22 miles from a distillery. When she visits, she’s been known to bring me a small bottle of bourbon. How to treat this beverage, hand delivered from the distillery to my desk, by a good friend? I can think of no better way than pouring it into this very flask, and sharing a few sips while grilling with friends, or when relaxing by the fire pit in the evening.

With the Titanium Funnel Flask, Vargo has solved a problem that may not be on the level of world peace, or curing some horrible disease, but for those that like to have a sip of their favorite drink (when appropriate), it’s pure genius. And since the flask itself is made entirely of titanium, it is super strong, won’t rust, and you will never have to worry that it might impart some odd taste. You could get a $6 plastic flask at your local camping emporium, and keep cheap booze in it, but that will never be an heirloom. If you want to give dad a great Father’s Day gift (it would also make a unique executive gift), the Vargo Funnel Flask is the way to go. You’ll find it and the rest of their titanium creations at

– Brian


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Creative way to store your funnel.

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