British humor?

Big dramas on the the internet.

A UK-based company that sells locks for motorcycles had one of their employees shill for them on Since it’s inappropriate for companies to take advantage of the forums in that manner, it was only natural that forum members quickly ganged up on them.

They expressed doubt in the authenticity of certain videos that were linked to from the forums, to which this company actually threatened to sue members. Now, if your company is virtually unknown to readers of the forums, it’s hard to see how your non-existent reputation would be damaged. They certainly didn’t lose any sales either, since none of the forum members would likely buy from such a company.

So that leaves me wondering, is this their business model? Post about motorcycle locks on a bicycle forum, insult the members, and then threaten to sue them under the UK’s draconian legal system? Or is this some bit of British humor I just don’t get?

I miss Benny Hill.

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Tom Stormcrowe

Wasn’t one of their shining moments, was it? 😉 In actuality, it tended to make me LESS likely to even consider their product!


What’s worse is the fact that they chased me around the boards trying to get me to call them (in England). Even if I was willing to pay for an international call what would I have to say to them? Sorry your youtube videos look fake?


C’mon, Brian. Save me some time and link to the threads why don’t ya?


Fritz, the thread in question was deleted. There is still another one out there –


I’ve been stalked by ex-boyfriends before, but never by a motorcycle lock company. It’s such a refreshing change of pace.


Dare I say ‘British Humor’ and ‘American Ignorance’ make never easy bed fellows 8-p
Coincidentally, I find it most peculiar with what speed and vigour people are censored and banned on forums hosted in the ‘Land of the Free’. It appears in contrast us old Europeans across the pond are practising free speech rather than just waffle on about it.


Sturz, there’s a big difference between free speech and free advertising. And it’s the UK’s legal system that stifles free speech by allowing ridiculous suits and damages.


Think outside the box people. Club together and buy a pair of 42″ croppers and run your own tests on the available products. You’ll then very quickly see his advice is well intended as well as accurate.
Bike theft is rife in the UK and I’m told rapidly increasing in the US. So you might just want to test these so called invincible chains before you lose your bike through owning one. Don’t take anyone’s word for it, check it for yourselves!


Greetings from the small Isle the other side of the pond.

Reading the comments on here does bring a smile to my face.

Have none of you never tried to crop a chain with a pair of bolt croppers??? If the chain is not hardened it’s a piece of wee-wee. Try it yourselves with an old chain, you’ll be surprised!

Do none of you remember that Kryptonite had a recall on ALL of their cylindrical locks about 3 -4 years ago.
It was discovered that you could open them using just a biro….that was also found out on this side of the pond also.

Oooh and BTW way it’s English Humour…I wish you’d not keep forgetting essential vowels out of your words.


Toodle Pip folks


Taipan – who the fuck carries 42″ bolt cutters with them? The UK must really suck for cyclists. If someone is that determined to steal bikes, they’re going to get it regardless of the lock used.

Nique – Yes, I forgot the “U”. Three years in Oz taught me to use the essential vowels. On the bright side, I didn’t make any pommy comments. 🙂



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