I’ve been tagged too! 5 facts about me

This has been going around for a bit, and I could only dodge the bullet for so long. I have Noah to thank for tagging me. So here’s 5 things about me. At the end of the list, you’ll find the 5 bloggers I’m tagging. This may be a bit more personal than others are posting, but it’s what I’ve chosen to share.

1. I met my wife on the internet. Before heading off to Australia and New Zealand for a month and a half vacation, I met her online. It was a dating site, but I was looking for a penpal, just someone to help me plan the Australian part of my vacation. Our first date was 9 days in New Zealand, and we were married after spending a total of about 14 days together.

2. My parents encouraged me to play little league baseball, when I really wanted to race BMX. So when I was about 35, my wife encouraged me to try racing in the Masters (30+) at our local track in Australia. I wasn’t very good, but I had fun.

3. I enjoy motorcycle riding at least as much as I enjoy bicycles. And I have nothing but gratitude for my good friend that made it possible.

4. When I was very little (about 6), and lived in New York, we used to ride our bikes through a Civil War cemetery that was just up the street from our house. It was overgrown, and in disrepair at the time, but nothing makes you ride faster than a graveyard at sundown.

5. My mum died when I was in my 20’s. She was only 56. Even though her and my dad had been divorced for more than 10 years, they still sat down and had a talk about old times a few days before she passed. I learned a great deal from both of them, but that day stands out as something very special.

Shimano Campagnolo Trek Giant Specialized bicycle bike

And here’s who I chose:

Phil Spinopsys
Joe Joe Gardner
Tim Masiguy
Rodney Rodney Olsen
Heather Kombucha Chic
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Rodney Olsen

I’ll get to it this afternoon. 🙂

Rodney Olsen


Tim Jackson

I posted 8 things last night from a different tagging I got (I knew I had another tag floating out there). So now you get bonus info!

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