Calfee And Ellsworth Present The Tandem Witness

Calfee / Ellsworth Witness Tandem

Yes, it would make the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift for the tandem mountain biking couple that has everything (including an extra 8 grand lying around), but we don’t suspect too many will be given as gifts today. And that’s a shame, but then again, this is hardly one of those purchases your want to spring on your significant other. Best to discuss it first. The only part that should not be open for debate is the wheel choice. Pay the extra $500 to get it as a 29er, and have the ultimate high speed, cross country mountain bike built for two. It’s an awesome design to behold, and as a former tandem owner myself, I feel compelled to share it with our readers. We went big on the photos too.

– Brian


Calfee / Ellsworth Witness Tandem

RAMONA, CA ‘” February, 2014 ‘” World renowned for artful custom tandems that are peerless in performance and quality, Calfee Design says the new “Witness” Fully Active Full Suspension Off-Road tandem frame will fit the team, be very light, absorb shock, but it will handle crisply afforded by lateral stiffness and refined synergistic Full Suspension Geometry derived from Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles’ 25 years of MTB Geometry experience. Calfee‘s hand built in the USA Carbon front end mated to Ellsworth’s Energy Efficient ICT Fully Active Rear End delivers undiminished applied pedal power to the drive train. Calfee custom builds this beauty to resist corrosion, the elements and fatigue, and be durable and strong enough to stand up to unexpected impacts and torsion forces. The Calfee-Ellsworth ICT Witness custom tandem frame leverages the intrinsic attributes of the carbon fiber material and Ellsworth‘s proven Energy Efficient, Fully Active ICT Suspension to redefine and expand your tandem experiences. The Calfee-Ellsworth Witness is available as a 27.5”  ‘” MSRP $8,295 ‘” and ordered as a custom-build 29” for a $500 up-charge. For more information visit ‘”

Calfee Designs / Ellsworth Handcrafted Cycles Witness Tandem
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