Can I really be impartial while being compensated?

I just checked my Google AdSense stats. For this month, I have averaged 63 cents a day. So I’m getting paid to write this stuff. I shall try not to let it go to my head. If I make just a bit more, I can put a deposit down on that Ellsworth The Ride that I’ve had my eye on since I did the interview with Tony.

Man, I can’t let the fame and fortune go to my head!

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That’s not too bad. This year I’m averaging about a dollar a day. Traffic is way up but revenue is way down. Most of the income is earmarked for donations to advocacy.


That’s okay, I’m getting 3.5 cents per day on my blog.

My main website, however, is bringing in about $6.18 per day. It took years to get the kind of traffic I’m getting, and I’ve been running Ad Sense (and tweaking my layout, adding content, etc) for over a year to get these kinds of results. I don’t know what the going fare is for Blog ads, but it’s probably less than you’d see with a more traditional website.


It is interesting to know what other people are making from adsense. I am getting around 3 dollars a day right now. The average went way up for me when I put the square ad block above the fold on my blog. Lately, I have been thinking about revising the layout and looking at some other ad options, but I probably won’t get to it anytime soon though.

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