February 19, 2024
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I’ve been a member for a few years under various usernames. BF.net is the only cycling discussion forum I regularly visit. The mindless anti-VC bashing gets a bit old at times, but overall you guys have done an excellent job.


I’m pretty active on BF. It’s pretty much the only forum I frequent that I’m not an administrator for. I’m an admin for several car forums *dons the flame suit*

But seriously, this is exciting news. I hope IB has a keen understanding of the fragile ecosystem that BF is harboring. I won’t miss the SQL errors or complete server blackouts. It’s always good to have world-class infrastructure to rely on for big projects like BF.

And congrats on the new hat, Brian 🙂 I’ve seen you doing a good job as an uber-moderator there. Keep up the good work as Joe heads off for “retirement”. I really feel like I have family on BF.


Noah, I’ve been the admin there for a while, but it’s been more of a behind the scenes thing, helping Joe deal with sponsors and the ad program. As a matter of fact, most of the SQL errors that lasted only 10-30 seconds were caused by me jacking up things when I coded in a new ad. 😀 And I do that for a living.

Anyway, this whole thing is really good for Joe, IB, and the forums. Everyone wins.


I agree. I keep trying to infuse positive thoughts into some of the “oh noesZ!1” threads but in the end, some people will think BF sold out and that’s the end of it.


Man, I’ve been on BF for a stretch and didn’t even know that owners had changed. I guess you could say seemless change then. BF has evolved over the years, somethings better than others, but it’s changed as the people come and go. I still like it, though I don’t post as much as I used to. The saddest thing is that we are now noticing when people die, and we often don’t realize that we’ve grown close… In leaving for a year, I’ve been “wrapping up” and suprised at the changes. I know what my favorite BF change was..

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