A Charger For Cyclists And Campers

Here’s another product we’re looking forward to seeing at Outdoor Retailer. The Fuse has a lot more capacity than many of the chargers we’ve seen, and looks to be ideal for cyclists as well as campers. With a 10,600mAh battery, the Fuse may turn out to be the perfect companion for bike touring.

– Brian

Voltaic Introduces the Fuse 9W Solar Charger

Portable power for 10” tablets and USB devices easily attaches to backpacks and bicycles.

Voltaic Systems today introduced the new Fuse 9W Solar Charger, making it simple to charge power-hungry electronics while far from the grid. It features a tough and light 9 Watt solar panel, integrated 10,600mAh battery, universal attachment system and secure storage for tablets. The Fuse 9W is the ideal solar tablet charger.

“We have seen our customers‘ power requirements steadily increase as they bring more and more USB devices with with them on adventures,” said Shayne McQuade, CEO of Voltaic Systems. “The Fuse 9W is built to be always ready to take a charge and satisfy our most power hungry users.”

Voltaic Fuse Solar Charger
Voltaic Fuse Solar Charger

9 Watts of Power for Fast Charging
On the front of the case is a 9 Watt solar panel made with high-efficiency monocrystalline cells. Every hour in the sun will power 75 minutes of 10″ tablet usage or 6 hours of smartphone usage. The cells are protected by a clear, UV and scratch resistant coating, and the panel is rugged enough to withstand the abuse of trails and travel.

High Capacity, Dual-Port Battery
The Fuse 9W includes a 10,600mAh battery with dual USB outputs to allow for multiple device charging. When full, the battery will fully charge a 10” tablet or up to four smartphones. The battery can be charged from solar or any USB port.

Flexible Mounting and Carrying Options
The case easily attaches to backpacks, bicycle racks and anywhere else solar power is needed with its universal buckle and clip systems. The straps can be removed to turn the Fuse 9W into a portable solar tablet case.

Protective and Lightweight Case
The Fuse 9W has a padded tablet sleeve and convenient pockets to safely store tablets, phones, and charging cables.

Key Specifications

  • Panel: 9 watts of solar power using high-efficiency mono-crystalline cells
  • Battery: 39 watt hour Lithium Polymer battery, 2 USB ports with 1A and 2A output
  • Size: 12.5″ x 10″  x 1.5″ (32 x 25 x 4cm)
  • Weight: 2 pounds (930 grams)
  • Waterproof fabric manufactured from recycled PET (soda bottles)

Pricing and Availability
The Fuse 9W will be available from September 9th for $199. For more information visit www.voltaicsystems.com/fuse9w

Voltaic was founded in 2005 to develop portable energy solutions using environmentally-intelligent designs. For more information please visit www.voltaicsystems.com.

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