Looking Forward To New Gear From Coast Portland

We’ve been a fan of the tools and flashlights from Coast Portland for some time now. They offer great products at fair prices, and they continue to come up with brighter, versatile, and more durable lights on a regular basis. On the tool and knife side, you’ll find a blade for most jobs, all that strike a balance between price, utility, and ease of use. At the high end of the price spectrum, most knives are difficult to sharpen. Coast uses steels that keep costs reasonable while still holding an edge, and the average user is able to maintain them. That’s a feature that shouldn’t be overlooked, as a dull knife defeats the purpose of carrying on in the first place. Anywhere, here’s a preview of what’s new.

– Brian

POLYSTEEL™LED Flashlights  

The all-new POLYSTEEL 200, POLYSTEEL 400 and POLYSTEEL 600 LED flashlights feature COAST’s patented Pure Beam™Focusing System and are equipped with COAST’s patented Twist Focus light technology. The incredibly bright, waterproof and durable LED lights are enclosed in a stainless steel core that is then wrapped in a molded polymer coating. They’re waterproof, crush proof, drop proof and scratch proof.


 For outdoor project work in the most challenging environmental, jobsite and weather conditions, COAST’s new BX300 and BX315 folding knives work continuously, comfortably and safely. With blades made of 9Cr18Mov stainless steel, the new knives are extremely tough and dependable in all temperatures and environments. They feature co-molded hard nylon fiberglass filled inner frames covered by a non-slip Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR) outer layer. These knife blades can be counted on to maintain their maximum hardness and edge-holding capability. The outer layer is cushioned and makes a long day working with your knife much easier. For added safety and dependable use, they include an easy to operate back-lock. The BX300 has a 3.0-inch blade, 7.125 inches overall (open) and weighs 1.6 ounces. The BX315 has a 3.25-inch blade, 8.625 inches overall and weighs 3.6 ounces.

COAST BX315 folding knife
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