CiFer – You Need This Carbon Fiber Tool


Ok, maybe you don’t need it, but you want the CiFer. Admit it. Billed as “The World’s Best Unbreakable Carbon Fiber Card Tool”, the CiFer weighs next to nothing, handles a half dozen tasks, and it’s carbon fiber, so it looks cool doing it. We got a sneak peek of this little tool a few weeks ago, as the guys at Beyond Vision were preparing their Kickstarter campaign. Speaking of which, they only went live with that yesterday, and last I checked, had been pledged at least 40% of their funding goal. So by the time you read this, they may already be fully funded!

Although it’s not the first of its kind that we’ve seen, this is the first one made from carbon fiber. Even if you don’t take advantage of it by using it as a smart phone stand, earbud cable organizer, wrench, or ruler, it makes a handy keychain, as you’ll likely be the only one of your friends sporting a carbon fiber bottle opener. Just keep the CiFer away from the blender on margarita night. As part of their testing, they did a little “will it blend” experiment, and blew out the sides of the pitcher on their brand new test blender. Definitely a good argument for proper eye protection.

Perhaps a bit surprisingly, the CiFer was conceived (possibly over drinks, like all great ideas) in the United Kingdom, where the final design work was done. They also have plans to do all their manufacturing in the UK. If there’s one downside I can see here, it’s that U.S. buyers are going to be paying a bit of a premium. Hopefully, they can work out some sort of equitable shipping/distribution deal so we don’t pay as much.

Anyway, if you want to be the first on your block to get your hands on the CiFer, head over to the Beyond Vision Kickstarter page, and pledge some cash.

– Brian

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