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A friend in the shooting industry recently introduced me to the Ammo Buddy line from Clamtainer. At first, I wasn’t sure what to think of these clear plastic containers. My factory ammo comes in cardboard boxes with a plastic holder inside. Why mess with what works? Turns out, there are plenty of reasons. And the folks at Clamtainer realized that it’s not just your ammo that can benefit from these inexpensive but useful and unique containers. So I ended up with a variety of their products to try out, just in time for National Preparedness Month. Because if you’re not storing ammo, batteries, and toilet paper with your food and water, you might not be prepared.

The Clamtainer design

These light weight, clear storage containers come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. Yet they all share some common features. First and most obvious would be that they are clear. This makes it quick and easy to see what’s inside. Whether it’s batteries, ammo, camping supplies, or small fasteners, that’s pretty handy. They’re also stackable, with a deep lip on the lid, for storage. Clamtainer’s patented Click-It Closure keeps things safe inside, even when dropped. And it can still be opened with one hand. Speaking of dropping, the plastic is the kind that absorbs impact well, rather than cracking.

Ammo Buddy

As mentioned, I wasn’t sure why I would want to put my ammo in something other than the factory box. But the Ammo Buddy allows me to see exactly how many rounds I have. Is that a huge selling point by itself? No. But when organizing my ammo in storage, it’s easy to tell the FMJ from JHP without having to open the box, or even read the package. I can still cut the end off the box, and put that inside, or affix a label to the container. Is that worth $2 or less? To me it certainly is. It’s just a more convenient storage solution.

9mm ammo stored in the Ammo Buddy from Clamtainer
9mm ammo stored in the Ammo Buddy from Clamtainer

When I showed the Ammo Buddy to a friend who reloads, he immediately saw their value. Rifle calibers are held securely without touching, and again, it’s easy to see what’s inside, plus there is room for notes about the load. This isn’t earth-shattering innovation, but they are lighter, more durable, and less expensive than similar products on the market. A short way of describing them might be “better”.

12 gauge ammo stored in the Ammo Buddy from Clamtainer
12 gauge ammo stored in the Ammo Buddy from Clamtainer

Battery Buddy

My wife has a medical device that requires both AA and AAA batteries, so we buy them in bulk. Again, the Battery Buddy keeps them neatly organized in a drawer. Plus, it’s obvious when it’s time to stock up on more. An added bonus is that the package is a cinch for an adult to open, yet fairly child-proof. Important if you have small children that are overly-curious.

Other noteworthy products

Rimfire enthusiasts might appreciate the 8″ x 2.5″ x 2″ utility box. It’s ideal for keeping 50 round boxes of ammo stored in a range bag. It will also hold 135 rounds of .45 ACP. I might use one of the smaller versions for the foam ear plugs I keep for folks that want to double up on ear pro. As I look through some of their other items, I realize the Glasses Case would be another good range bag item. Actually, their Builders Value Bundle might be the ultimate range bag organizer.

8x2.5x2" utility box from Clamtainer
8×2.5×2″ utility box from Clamtainer

For my 4WD, as well as road trips, I like to keep a spare roll of toilet paper in the vehicle. A large plastic bag certainly works, but the TP Buddy one-ups that with a paracord lanyard for easy hanging. Dispensing a few sheets at a time without touching the roll makes this worth its weight in gold. And if you drop it on the floor of an outhouse or gas station bathroom, it’s still viable.

TP Buddy toilet paper storage and dispenser from Clamtainer
TP Buddy toilet paper storage and dispenser from Clamtainer

If there is one item that intrigued me above all others, it’s the DoomBox Enclosed Mouse Trap. Enclosed within a Clamtainer is a mouse trap. This makes it child (and pet) safe. These are great for someplace like a cabin, that isn’t visited often – the mouse corpse is contained within the unit. For the squeamish, they are inexpensive enough to be disposable. For those with ongoing mouse issues, they are reusable as well.

DoomBox Enclosed Mouse Trap from Clamtainer
DoomBox Enclosed Mouse Trap from Clamtainer

More details

Although I didn’t check each and every item, it seems as though there is a hang tag option for each of them. And that’s at the same price as without a hang tag. So if you’re a stacker or a hanger, there’s options. Honestly, I could see some shooters having a pegboard wall of ammo. They’re also available in packs of 5, 10, 25, or 200. The more you buy, the lower the unit cost. Prices drop from $1.99 each to $1.25 each. Plus, there is an option to order in even larger quantities, which would probably result in lower unit cost again.

If some of these products seem familiar, it’s because Clamtainer also offers packaging solutions for business. Some of the gear and products you currently buy may already be in Clamtainers. Because they require no sharp objects to open, can reduce packing costs, won’t open if dropped, and are reusable. Win all around! So if you happen to have your own business, they will set you up with your own custom Clamtainers. Check that out here.

The final word

With September being National Preparedness month, I have been thinking more about organizing our emergency gear. We’ve got food and water pretty well sorted. But ammo and toilet paper are part of the equation as well. And I’ve found a solution for them in the Clamtainer products. So while they may not be “must-have” items for everyone, they can help with storage and organization. The longer I thought about them, the more uses I found for them. They’re inexpensive, durable, and versatile. They lock, stack, hang, and are see-through.  It Oh, and they’re made in USA! Check them out at

I’d like to thank the folks at Clamtainer for sending over some of their products to check out.

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