TandemKross Spitfire Barrel for the S&W SW22 Victory has arrived!

Below is the email blast for the new Spitfire barrel from TandemKross. This is their first barrel, and it’s pretty exciting. I was able to get my hands on one of the first copies. It’s already been installed, and I’ll be testing it out this weekend. So look for a review coming soon.
TANDEMKROSS is excited to announce the release of their first barrel!
TandemKross Spitfire Barrel for the S&W SW22 Victory
TandemKross Spitfire Barrel for the S&W SW22 Victory

Introducing, the all new Spitfire” Barrel for Smith & Wesson® SW22 VICTORY®! This top of the line barrel is TK‘s latest product of precision engineering and careful planning and design. The “Spitfire” has plenty of features that make it stand out in a crowd of aftermarket options.


  • The “Spitfire” is fully machined from an all-weather, stainless steel barrel blank. No barrel liners. No short cuts. Just one long-lasting, premium barrel.
  • Light weight and durability are achieved with a thin profile barrel protected by an aluminum barrel sleeve. The sleeve is cerakoted for additional protection and cut to release heat.
  • Metals respond to temperature changes at different rates. The “Spitfire” barrel uses Belleville Washers to buffer those differences in thermal expansion between the sleeve and the barrel.
  • The integrated, polished feed ramp promotes proper feeding by providing a smooth surface for each round to glide over while being chambered. This boosts your pistol‘s reliability.
  • An adjustable forward thumb ledge also comes pre-installed. This feature decreases the muzzle rise and increases the ergonomics of your pistol without any permanent modifications.
  • To ensure you get the most from your barrel, it comes pre-installed with your choice of an aluminum “Game Changer” or steel “Game Changer PRO” compensator for .22LR in black.
  • Each upgraded “Spitfire” Barrel comes with a timing nut that allows you to perfectly time or position virtually any supported muzzle devices on your barrel.
  • TANDEMKROSS‘s barrel also comes with a screw and place for the factory front sight. The screw and threaded hole for it allows you to install the factory sight on your TK upgrade.


Get your “Spitfire” Barrel with an aluminum “Game Changer” Compensator for just $309.99 or a steel “Game Changer PRO” Compensator for $329.99 at TandemKross.com.

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