Coast DX190 Pro Razor Knife

Now is the perfect time to get yourself the DX190 Pro Razor Knife from Coast. Because this holiday season, you’ll no doubt be opening plenty of boxes. Since more shopping is being done online, more gifts are being delivered to your doorstep. And if you’re like me, that means plenty of boxes to break down for the recycling bin. After a run-in with a large staple, I realized this is not a job for my pocket knife. So I reached out to Coast for their DX190.

Coast DX190 Pro Razor Knife
Coast DX190 Pro Razor Knife

You can open packages and cut up boxes with most any knife. But to do it safely, you should use a sharp blade. Because dull blades are more likely to slip, leading to accidents. Of course, you want a knife that locks open too. The DX190 Pro Razor Knife solves both of those issues. By using standard razor blades, you get a sharp edge all the time. When it does go dull, reverse the blade. When both sides are dull, replace the blade. How easy is that? Just press a button, and you can remove or replace the blade. Even better, the handle stores three spares (included).

Coast DX190 Pro Razor Knife blade storage
Coast DX190 Pro Razor Knife blade storage

Want more safety? The DX190 Pro Razor Knife has not one, but two locks. In addition to the liner lock, there is another blade lock on the back of the blade. Once you’ve used the thumb stud to open the knife, just push the little lever upwards. Now you have two locks, to prevent the knife from folding on you. When you want to close it, lower the lever, then push the liner aside and fold the blade in. Super simple, super safe, super reliable.

Coast DX190 Pro Razor Knife, folded
Coast DX190 Pro Razor Knife, folded

Although the DX190 has a belt clip, I’m not sure I would carry it in my pocket. It’s a bit bulky, although that improves the comfort in hand. But the real reason I wouldn’t carry it in my pocket is that it seems like it would open easily. Ironic, I know. Still, it’s an excellent choice for around the house. As I mentioned, it’s very comfortable, even in my large hands. The texture is nice, and gives you a bit of extra grip. Overall, it’s another great tool from Coast, that does its job well, and is priced very fairly. Check out CoastPortland for it, and their other fine products. All over covered by their lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship.


I’d like to thank Coast for providing their DX190 Pro Razor Knife for this review. We get a lot of packages, and break down as many as a dozen boxes each week. The DX190 makes slicing them up a quick and easy task.

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