Burley goes fat with 16+ Wheel Kit

Burley, one of the most trusted names in bicycle trailers, has added a fat tire kit to its line. For almost 40 years, we’ve used Burley trailers to haul our kids, dogs, gear, and more. In the last few years, fat bikes have really taken off. Lucky for us, the two can now be combined.

With more rubber on the ground, wheels can better float over loose surfaces. That’s why fat bikes are so popular – they can traverse snow and sand where regular MTB tires sink in. But your skinny trailer tires don’t do so well. Thanks to the 16+ Wheel Kit, sand, snow, gravel, and rough terrain will no longer be a challenge for several Burley trailers. Each kit is made up of a pair of 16×3″ knobby tires on push button wheels. They’ll fit the Bee, Honey Bee, Encore, Solo, D‘Lite, Rental Club, Nomad and Flatbed.

New Burley 16+ Wheel Kit
New Burley 16+ Wheel Kit

In a press release, Burley President Allison Coughlin stated “As with all of our products, the 16+ Wheel Kit was designed with adventure in mind. There are always places to travel, but sometimes the equipment just can‘t stack up. This new accessory not only bridges that gap, but it also compliments the fat bike and plus size tire trends in the cycling industry.” We like that they’re listening. And they’re responding to market trends and the needs of their clients.

New Burley 16+ Wheel Kit
New Burley 16+ Wheel Kit

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Clearly, Burley wants us to see more, and explore more. Or maybe just get our groceries in the middle of winter. Or haul our kids across a sandy beach next summer. Either way, the 16+ Wheel Kit will find itself at the top of many wish lists soon. For some lucky cyclists, it will show up under the tree as well. Yeah, it’s a good time to be a cyclist.

Expect the 16+ Wheel Kit to retail for $189 when it hits the stores this month. But you better be fast. I don’t expect that they’ll gather much dust on the shelves. From what I’ve seen online, plenty of fat bike owners have been waiting for them. Although they aren’t on the site at time of publication, check Burley.com for more details soon.







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I was just looking into getting those wheels but idea popped that I can just replace the current tires on 20″ wheels with Maxxis Creepy Crawler 20´´ MTB. I just have to see if there will be any clearance issues. Do you thing that could work?


That would be a great question for Burley. They didn’t send me the wheels, only the press release.

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